Metrokane Houdini Vertical Corkscrew

Metrokane Houdini Vertical Corkscrew
$19.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Vertical Houdini Corkscrew Black, Red, Silver

Yes, yes it is! Tell us more! :wink:

I splurged on this during the previous offering. On the second day that I had it, it fell off my counter and the handle popped off. It popped back on but I can tell there is a tad bit more play in the black handle before the drop. It is plastic but was surprised at how mechanically sound the opener was before and after the drop.

HOWEVER, this makes opening my wine a piece of cake (requires a decent push and pull motion). I would HIGHLY recommend this for yourself as a gift since I think it is easier to use than the regular rabbit IMHO.

I’ve had mine for years in the champagne color. Super easy to use even after you’ve seventh or eighth bottle. It is sharp though, so it easily penetrates skin and makes the red stuff come out, and not talking red wine.

EDIT - Looks like I originally had the wrong link.

This one’s only $36 on Amazon and has 2.5 stars from 2 reviews.


In for one, been wanting one of these for some time now and the price is good.

Your link points to “RABBIT” not houdini.
the houdini has 2.5 star rating.
and cost much less that 52 dollars.

Work for woot?

I would definitely buy this if I was in the market for a new opener but alas, I am not.

One thing I am in the market for is a nice decanter but I don’t recall any being offered here?

I’m currently using a carafe, which fulfills the same purpose I suppose but seems better suited to serving Sangria.

It looks like you’re looking at the Rabbit style, the one for sale here appears to be this one which they have for $35.99.

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Wait, what? I thought I double-checked I had the right product!

Sorry - my bad. Been a busy day. I’ve fixed the OP!

And nope, this post would show up in snazzy crimson if I worked with WineDavid.

Are you referring to the Vertical Houdini or Vertical Rabbit?

They’re both made by Metrokane but the Rabbit model has a 10 year warranty, compared to 5 years for the Houdini.

I loved my electric Oster wine opener…until it died recently after about a year of use. Won’t be going electric again.

I’m think I’m sold on this after watching granny.

With practice, you can pour your wine in 50 micron string stream for excellent aeration. Too bad mine pours out at half inch thick gush (and thicker when I had a few glasses).

+1 for Decanter

Gave my girlfriend one of those and she loves it. She couldn’t figure out the Rabbit, haha. Plus, she told me that the rabbit she really wanted was battery operated, doh!

LoL, wait until you have kids and your son pulls out her rabbit to sword fight you, it’ll be the funniest day for you and the most mortifying day for her. Or better yet is when the dog drops it in front of your feet while your parents are visiting.

In for 3! I always get compliments on these wine openers, and keep giving them out as gifts, so I need to stock up.

That would be awkward… and hilarious!