Metrokane Jack Rabbit Corkscrew

Metrokane Jack Rabbit Corkscrew
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 Jack Rabbit Corkscrew
1 Foil Cutter
1 Extra Spiral


This will be the last corkscrew you’ll ever need… because by the time this breaks corks will have all been replaced with screwtops! :wink:

Does anyone know the quality of this item? will it last and does it really work well for a novice who tears up corks with a traditional corkscrew?

Metrokane is a reputable company with a long line of successful “Rabbit” products. Probably the most successful line of products named “Rabbit” that don’t require batteries.

So, as long as you’re just looking to open a bottle of wine with your “Rabbit” this is a good choice.

Didn’t they just offer a battery powered Rabbit wine opening product on wine.woot?

If the foil cutter was integrated in the body around the corkscrew, so that you could remove the foil while the device was over the neck of the bottle, I might be willing to give up the simplicity of a double-hinged wine key.

I killed our stand up corkscrew operation a few months ago (something about that whole, “have to cut the foil first” thing, whateves), so I’m hoping this will be a good replacement for the one we bought, literally, at the checkstand of a liquor store while on a trip. Based on that, there is nowhere to go but up!

Amazon price is around $52 bucks. User’s rating is around 4 stars.

Not bad…thing I like is that I occasionally run into synthetic corks and this unit is reputed to work well in those situations.

alright, what the heck. in for one!

Are you referring to this? If so, it’s not the same product.

No, he’s talking about this:

Ahh, thanks. An Amazon search of “metrokane jack rabbit” doesn’t yield that as a result. :frowning:

I have this device (albeit not from Woot) and I love it. Speaking as a novice myself, it makes opening bottles almost as fun as drinking the wine inside. (Unless the wine was aged in the aforementioned barrels made from recycled shoes.)

If only it came with a butler to pour the wine as well… My parents have the original Rabbit. They have a 10 year warranty according to the website. NOTICE: not child proof; easy for curious teens to figure out.

Is this superior to the Metrokane Bunny that was sold on in the past? I’ve never figured out the difference between the 2 other than this one is more expensive.

Woot gods - if this ain’t a Quality Post then I don’t know what is!

This is the Houdini version of the Metrocane vertical corkscrew and its reviews (2) on Amazon are split. In additon, its price on Amazon is about $35.

No, I was referring to what they call “Vertical Rabbit” . It appears to be the same product we have been offered.

The one you mentioned is the original Rabbit. I have gone through 3 or 4 of those, since they first hit the market many years ago. I finally gave up on them due to different problems in spite of the great warranty.

Still have one in the bar that I don’t use anymore.

Glad somebody got the joke! :slight_smile: