Metrokane Metallic White Electric Rabbit Corkscrew with Charger & Foil Cutter

Metrokane Metallic White Electric Rabbit Corkscrew with Charger & Foil Cutter
$31.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Metallic White Electric Rabbit Corkscrew w/Charger and Foil cutter

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Seriously, it is an electric rabbit. Woot, are you trying to hint at a sex.woot

Hey, somebody posted a VIDEO of it in action! Will wonders never cease?!

Apparently I’m not the only one who saw “electric” and “rabbit” and didn’t think wine.

… but I paused before I clicked after I saw “cutter” thrown in the mix.

I’ve had one of these that I got at Costco last year…the black one. Works well, actually; however, it does seem to strain on some corks…but always gets them out. Overall, I would purchase it again and this is a decent price point.

It does seem to lose it’s charge fast, so I wouldn’t let it sit for too long (more than two weeks) then think it’ll open a bottle of wine; however, I’m certain that there are very few of us wine wooters who would have that problem!

How loud is this thing? A local bar used a similar device to open a bottle on a quiet night and it sounded kind of obnoxious.

Honestly is the cork still in useable condition with this product?

I have one and I’m actually pretty disappointed. The cork pull function has much room for improvement.
It only seems to lift the cork between 1/4 and 1/2 the way, depending on the cork and then requires you to readjust for another pull.

In my opinion a good old fashioned wine key just can’t be beat.

will it drink the wine for me too?

I’ve never seen the need for an electric wine opener when a good waiter’s cork screw works so well, particularly the ones with the two step lever.

Thanks, y’all!

I had always eyed these–pretty! fancy! up-scale-ish!–but had resisted buying one.

Now that I’ve seen some reviews, I’ll continue resisting. I only have trouble de-corking bottles with wax on them and this isn’t going to make those any easier. I’ll stick with my rabbit-like corkscrews…

I found a video of this gadget in action on YouTube:

Unfortunately its got a crappy music track, so there’s no telling how loud this thing is…

Also, here’s a video of a similar (but transparent) electric corkscrew in action, in case anyone was wondering how they worked:

I have the Oster version of this. It is half the price of this. It’s not loud at all. The cork is usable after you pull it (all it’s doing is electrically operating a corkscrew).

I do not like the Metrokane foil cutter (it’s the same one that comes with the Rabbit), and have found the Oster one to be superior to every foil cutter I own, save a steak knife, which, as a tool, honestly, seems to be on the same level as duct tape in it’s versatility.

This electric puller with it’s LCD is much prettier than it’s Oster counterpart, but in all honesty, after you pull a cork, you’re going to put it back on the charger, so knowing how many pulls you have left is probably not as useful as you might be lead to believe, that is, unless you plan to use this in the field. Maybe you’re in the army or something, and cork pulling during battle is important to you, then I could see the LCD being of huge value. If there’s a tank barreling down on you and you think you have 3 pulls left, and you actually do not, well, that is probably a pretty big problem, and I do not envy you.

I’ve owned 3 or 4 electric wine openers throughout the years. None of them were very satisfactory, until I purchased the Ozeri Maestro 4 months ago. It holds a charge real well. It indicates the amount of charge left with a series of blue LEDs and it even has a red LED readout for wine temperatures when you open the bottle.

I purchased it through Amazon and I highly recommend it. I can’t remember now, but it’s a product made in New Zeland or in Australia. It looks and works great!
PS - Avoid using it with plastic “corks”.

For half the price, you can get an Oster with way better reviews on you-know-where:

Does anyone know if he batteries are replaceable?

The unit is sealed…can’t replace them.

Totally obvious question, but I need to ask anyway - the foil cutting is not part of the electric part of it, correct? So you get an electric cork puller paired with a foil cutter?

Maybe in the world of tomorrow we’ll get a device that you can just put on the bottle and it’ll do all the work for you. I can’t picture myself spending $36 on something that will save me 10 seconds of labor. By my stupidly specific calculations, it’d be two years before I came out ahead.

My wife has one of these and loves it! She probably uses it a few times a week and…oh wait a minute. Guess it’s not what I original thought…