Metrokane Metallic White Electric Rabbit Corkscrew with Charger & Foil Cutter

Granted, this is, the entire purpose is to buy useless crap. But seriously, why? I can open a bottle of wine faster with a normal corkscrew, and never have to worry about changing the batteries or it gaining awareness and realizing how menacing its foil cutter is.

Quite honestly, the thought of it gaining awareness would make it worth it. Smart gizmos! I love living in the future!

Will it work with my screwtop wine? Seriously, got one of these as a gift last year and after a couple of uses, ended up returning it. Didn’t always pull the cork all the way out and wasn’t very fast (when I want my wine, I want it!).

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Today is the First Annual International Tempranillo Day–a celebration of the Tempranillo grape–so open a bottle, join the celebration online, have fun!

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Whoa. Quality.

Either my hourly rate is higher (not likely) or my wine consumption is greater b/c I came out ahead in six months. Not buying one, but maybe we should compare formulas.

PS - Avoid using it with plastic “corks”.

I dunno, maybe a third of our wines have plastic corks. Is there anything out there that doesn’t have this problem? Our Rabbit died (note the capitalization so no jokes about pregnancy. besides, if it happened to my partner and me, it would be a miracle bigger than you know what!) and anyway my technology-challenged squeeze could never figure it out; he’s very proud of his designer screw, the one that’s in MOMA.

My real question, though, how does it work with screw tops?

lol, good point, but let’s hope it wont!

Thanks for the chuckle!

it’s very likely I did the math wrong :smiley: it ended up being about 600 bottles worth IIRC. two years isn’t a fair estimate, but either way, not sure it’s worth it.

If it cut the foil too, that’d have tipped me to buying it. I hate trying to get foil cut with the metrokane tool. It never fits right, and when it does, refuses to actually cut the foil.

Is the battery inside replaceable?