Metrokane Rabbit Aerating Pourer & Rabbit Wine Bottle Stopper Set

I wonder how this would fare in blind taste tests vs. the Vinturi and Wine Soirée that Woot has sold.

$25 at Amazon

Some wine bottles have larger openings than others. I’ve noticed that some stoppers don’t work for a particular local wine brand. However, those rabbit stoppers do fit in them. I wonder if the aerator does as well? Does anyone know if the aerator is the same size as the stoppers?

“I used to own a Vinturi but threw it out because it started to have a harsh plastic-type smell. So i bought the metrokane aerator, which is $10 cheaper and much better because you don’t need 2 hands. I would recommend this aerator over the Vinturi.”

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“Honestly, I was not able to tell the difference when doing a blind taste test.”

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But, 4.3 Stars out of 5 (with 31 reviews) looks decent to me…

Prodcut website for the pourer:

and for the wine bottle stoppers (maybe I can find better on the website):

Some more blind test results:

I guess being purchased by Amazon has it privileges. You get access to their exclusives.

Amazon exclusive set includes 1 aerating pourer and a set of 2 silicone stoppers

Thanks (and to boy1dah also). I bought the Soirée from Wine.Woot based in part on this test. It’s reassuring to see it at the top of the test you linked to as well.

The Rabbit obviously did poorly here - in fact it was last except for the pop and pour. Nevertheless, I can see some advantages:

  1. Price! Not only is it cheap, but you get a couple of stoppers too (to be fair, you get 2 different gaskets with the Soirée so it fits almost all bottles, and you get a strainer with the Vinturi).

  2. Not breakable (the Soirée is glass).

  3. Handy - the Vinturi needs two hands or a stand (it also fits in some decanters).

  4. This can be a pro or a con, depending on what you want: With the Rabbit (or the Vinturi), you tilt the bottle horizontally. With the Soirée, you need to invert the bottle (180 degrees for the best aeration). If you don’t empty the bottle, some of the aerated wine goes back in. That’s good if you plan to finish the bottle in the same night (since it helps oxygenate the wine left in the bottle), but not good if you’re saving it for later.

Finally, my own completely unscientific, non-blind wino observation (based on the Soirée) - these devices definitely help, but they’re no substitute for decanting - so it’s best to do both.

For example, last night I tried some dry Merlot right after pouring through the aerator. The tannins were pretty shocking, and there wasn’t much aroma to the wine. However, it was much improved after just 15 minutes. In my experience, I would have had to wait a lot longer to enjoy the wine if I didn’t have the aerator.

At Amazon, it’s currently and exclusively unavailable.

Paid $18.99 on sale at Target for a Metrokane “Houdini” aerating pourer – identical to this one, but red instead of silver, and no included stoppers. Used it all weekend – easy as pie and astounding difference in the flavor of the wine! In for 2 of these: backup, and gift.

I hope you posted the same thing over there!

You can see from the photo that the stoppers are conical, so they would fit bottles with different-sized openings. The plug in the aerator, by contrast, is nearly cylindrical. Since the reviewers haven’t complained about the size, you can infer that this fits standard bottles. So it likely won’t fit screw-top bottles, or other bottles with non-standard openings.

BTW, at least 2 Amazon reviewers said this was easy to clean. And you gotta love the guy who gave it 2 stars because it “looks dorky at the table.”

The aerating pourer will work fine for me. But the stoppers are of marginal value. Everytime I open a bottle of wine it seems to disappear. Just toss the empty and the brown bag in my dumpster and be done with it.

I would take the reviewers on this site with a grain of salt. In another blind taste test, they reviewed the Vinturi, Soiree, ‘normal’ decant and pop-n-pour and I believe that the results were P-n-P, Soiree, Vinturi and Decant. Those results defy all logic.

When it comes to letting wine breathe, they all do the same thing and it all depends on the wine and your personal preferences. My personal favorite is a standard Decant, and if I am in need of a quick glass, I purchased the Vinturi because it is plastic (not breakable glass), has the sediment screen, and doesn’t let wine swirl back into the bottle. There is very little differences between all the various methods though, so it’s all a matter of weighing your pros and cons for each.

That’s the review I was meaning to refer. It defies all wine logic, chemical logic, etc. that a Pop and Pour beats out an aerator, and that a standard Decant can’t beat them all.

What sold me NOT to get the Wine Soiree was THIS REVIEW (actually from the same guy that did the blind taste tests), at about 2 minutes in, he states how he broke his first one simply by taking it off the stand. With three mischievous cats and a baby on the way, I can’t do the fragile glass. Even my decanter is thick glass and has fallen onto my kitchen floor and not broken, so buying 1 Vinturi is cheaper than multiple Soirees.

Oh heck… It is just spoiled grape juice. This is all too much about nothing…

You may just have something there.

Let me have a glass or 2 and I’ll think on it.

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