Metrokane Rabbit Cork Haus



Metrokane Rabbit Cork Haus
$17.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Metrokane Rabbit Cork Haus

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awww but i want the corks


I was thinking about buying this until I read the description. Now I feel stupid.

How do you guys make any money?


Why does this require summer shipping?


Nothing stinks worse than hot-gluing corks to a board - this is a godsend! My cats will be pissed though- nothing to bat off of the counter…


Darn, I was looking forward to some more Tempranillos and was still on the fence about the Duarte offering, just got done reading the winemaker’s comments.

Oh well, I’m buying this anyway… when the shipping gets fixed


because i totally cant take wood scraps in my shed and screws/metal pieces to make as rails

20 minutes and materials already in my garage…

…pass :slight_smile:


I can see how this would make a suitable item for that lovely person you are lucky enough to pull in the office gift exchange - the one you know not a thing about except that one time they said they really liked wine. Of course, you do not know which kind of wine. So a cork house is clearly the way to go.

Unless they are a box wine kind of guy or screw cap kind of girl… heck, if they are, this might get them to expand their vino horizons.

Should come with a wine.woot gift code though so folks can get a leg up on cork collecting.


While the right concept is there, this is too small. I would need one that could hold hundreds of corks in a cool, usable, and artful way.


All my corks are sitting in a bowl. This looks like a step in the right direction.


Maybe I’m missing something here but collecting corks… really? That would be like me saving woot monkey capes, or big oyster cracker boxes.

Oh wait I do that… but still corks are where I draw the line!!!

Seriously though is there a tradition here that I don’t know about or is it just another excuse to horde?


my kids made this exact same thing at Home Depot the other week… free.

Well, maybe not quite like it… but sure looked similar as as complex.



The description doesn’t mention the number of corks this will hold but judging from the picture, that number would be 54 (9 rows of 6).

My g/f saves corks so I’m assuming that she’ll like this…


I was surprised when I opened up a bottle of Adequate Gift and saw a cork with the exclamation mark on both ends and wine.woot! on the side. We never kept wine corks before, but my girlfriend wanted to keep it.


Is anyone else here because of the ol’ What-The-OMGPONIES!-Is-That? thumb-nail click?

And now that you are here, is anyone else still trying to figure it out?


No cork, screw that

Thanks I will be here all week. Try the veal. Tip the waitress


The only corks I save are Champagne corks. They make good stoppers for cruets when shaved down to fit.


I guess you can use this for all the Tempranillo corks from yesterday’s Woot Off


So lets see…each unit costs $17.99 each plus shipping…they each hold 54 corks…and if my mom has approximately 12,000 (probably more) corks collected…I would only have to buy her 2,222 units…which would cost me about $39,973.00 PLUS shipping. Wow, what a great deal…NOT! Mom, I now believe the hot glue gun idea of yours was a far better economical choice.