Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top 16 oz. Cocktail Shaker

Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top 16 oz. Cocktail Shaker
$19.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Shaken not Stirred
PRODUCT: 1 Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker - 16 fl. Oz.

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I’m still waiting to “keep a close eye on the woot off Decanter deal”

Ahh yes, the cocktail shaker… for those that want to recreate some bottle shock outside of the bottle post-delivery.

Every time this thing comes up, I think it looks like a horrible idea. Gimme a classic Boston shaker any day.

I was just thinking that… how long do you think this’ll go on for? Woot already hit the BOC, I believe, so I’m guessing that’ll be over soon…

…and Woot is currently doing a second flying monkey… the end is nigh!

yep, the monkey’s flying on woot, so I’m guessing this is the last deal… I’m curious about the decanter comment, also.

I think it’s at least the third. I saw leopard print and blue camo, now the checkered.

Wow… Can’t believe I didn’t buy anything. Pretty disappointed in myself.

Edit: hmmm the monkey is gone…

um… lights are still flashing over on woot even after the monkey sold out…