Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top 16 oz. Srirachatail Shaker

looks like thursdays will be the most productive days at work from now…

if you add a shot of protein powder to your drink… can you also use this as a shake-weight?

why would anyone name a product the rabbit, if it has to ben used in a shaking fashion…

Piling up, you say? C’mon, spill the beans! I haven’t seen any since the Serendipity email.

What, you don’t shake rabbits?

Only 16 ounces? Who drinks such tiny cocktails? Slackers.

Agreed. Not even remotely tempted on this one.

In case you still need to get that song out your head:

If you’re making a lot of drinks (as in, you’re bartending a party) the shaker gets so wet from condensation that you can’t open it properly.

That said, if you’re making that many drinks you’ll be much better off if you just get a standard boston shaker.

Some reviews at Amazon

Any rats out there?

Exactly what I was thinking.


Sorry to those of you white varietal consumers, but I am hoping we will get a good woot for the weekend to stare at… Unlike last weekend.

Although, my statement is ironic as I sit here drinking some Caymus Conundrum. Oh well, I can be hypocritical at least once.