Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker, Mojito Muddler, Double Jigger - 3 Pack

Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker, Mojito Muddler, Double Jigger - 3 Pack
$28.99 + $5 shipping
1 Rabbit Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker
1 Rabbit Barware Stainless Steel Mojito Muddler
1 Rabbit Barware Stainless Steel Double Jigger


I could be wrong but it would seem this is not balsamic vinegar…

Cavedoni, where are you? I want the pride of your family!

Where’s the bada$$ basalmic? Where’s the wine? C’mon wine.woot!

It has a different tang to it when you try to taste it, yes.

Does anyone have any good cocktail recipes that use balsamic?

One non-wine a day I get. Two on Thursday I understand. 3 straight days of no wine on WINE.WOOT is baffling.

This looks like a good balsamic vinegar martini.

Vodka - check
Strawberry - check
Orange - check
Cocktail shaker - check
Balsamic -

Hmm, I seem to be missing one ingredient.

Is this some sort of fancy red wine shake-rator for those who think a Vinturi isn’t quite fast enough?

After an amazing first day of Gift Week, and a perfectly timed Vinturi purchase, I’ve been disappointed with the rest of the week so far, and I am not waiting for any balsamic like everyone else. How about some more Ty or some PW or some Corizon? Or maybe gift week will flow right into a woot-off and my wallet will be screaming anyway.

$39.95 for the set elsewhere

That site is in Barbados and the currency is shown in BD and not USD. Not sure of the conversion rate on that…

Set retails for $54 from the company website.

BD$39.95 is about US$20, which would be oddly inexpensive.

Edit: despite what is shown in the photo, that price is only for the jigger measure - the shaker and muddler are sold separately.

unless anyone can attest for the quality of this set firsthand, the quality of the non liquor brand sets are horrible. I bartender the past 5 years to pay my way through college, and the best cocktail sets out there are the ones you get from your local alcohol reps. They are made for heavy use and last FOREVER. These “homier” use sets tend to rust (regardless of stainless), break, warp, etc. Make a new friend today and start sucking up. Who knows, you may even get a discount on some wine, not to mention liquor, if you pull it off right :slight_smile:

Horrible reviews on Amazon, looks like metal, but apparantly its plastic and leaks, and melts in the dishwasher.

Damn, I lost my muddler, and almost bought this set!

I wanted to go to wine.woot. I may have landed on cocktail.woot by mistake

This item looks to be have a particularly poor design, but I would be leery of any shaker that seems too complicated or fancy. Plain stainless will be more reliable than something with attached gewgaws and “features”, and a bare-bones shaker tin, mixing glass, and bar strainer setup will work better than a home shaker with built-in cap and strainer.

Sites like sell sturdy bar equipment cheaply - here’s a useful video they did about the exciting world of cocktail shakers:

The product name sounds like the lineup at a hip-hop concert.

I shall clap for this one… well done.

I swear by glass mason jars for shakers. I’ve also used glass jam jars. Any glass jar with a sturdy screw-on lid. They also second as nice places to let alcohol infusions take shape. And can serve as drinkware in a pinch. AMAZING!