Metrokane Rabbit Supreme Crystal Wine Glass - Set of 4

Welcome home.woot.

New site, WOOHOO

I kind of wish I had a house to put these in / be old enough to drink wine for these.

Wait, there was a Roomba there before the wine glasses. Wha?

Welcome home. woot!
Since I have a home, I’m sure we will be friends!

Home sweet home.

I’m just back from a wine club meeting, drunk, and this is blowing my mind.


hmmm a new woot to stalk…

I like the home woot idea. Nice classy product to start off with as well. Congrats on the new site and on the concurrent product launch!

Apparently you only can buy 1, not 3 at home.woot?

so they ask us to buy both… but then limit to one? :smiley: :smiley:

Home woot looks a lot like wine woot.


I saw it too! Where’d the roomba go!?

Mark - good to see you up there

Woot® : One Day, Ten "Deals"™

Yay, more stuff to buy daily

Welcome home.woot!

Are these lead-free?

I think I would make candles out of these. Homemade candles, I can imagine how nice they’ll look now. The gel candles, not the wax candles.