Metrokane Rabbit Supreme Crystal Wine Glass - Set of 4

I’m buying a house and have nothing to put in it yet. Guess where my money is going?


Woot! A new group.

(Steve does his happy-dance. Not a pretty sight, since Steve is dancing-challenged. {Caucasian. Old. Fat.})


Home.woot, eh? I’ll ask the first question…do these have rolled rims or cut rims?

i was hoping for apartment.woot

us renters never get any love :frowning:

WTF? Is this why woot was down for a day??

Woohooo this will be a good addition.

More Woot, man I can’t keep up.

What the… ???

It turned into a banner ad…

Hey, apartments are homes, too!

next should be interesting

welcome Home.Woot i suppose

good luck and we’ll see how this one varies from normal woot and wine.woot


Keep it classy, woot.

Welcome Home.woot - New .woots are always exciting. Next up Car.woot?

Another woot site wow. When will the madness end!!!

Now for the most important question of the night:

Will home.woot get it’s own woot off?

Looks like the FedEx guy and I are going to become close friends.

Welcome home.woot.

This explains the site construction.
Next up: office.woot
Anyway, If they are re-fired do they still have the micro-pitting that is good for tearing at, and opening up your wine?

woot! is like the energizer bunny; keeps going and going and going…

With that being said, everyone is already overlooking the one question that needs to be asked with every woot! Is this a good deal or not people?!?!

I’m a bit worried about breakage during shipping.