Metrokane Rabbit Supreme Crystal Wine Glass - Set of 4

For those of you who bought them at site launch, how did you like them?

I bought a set of the red, and I like them. It took them two tries to get them to me in one piece though. That seemed to be a pretty widespread problem though, so hopefully it will be fixed on the first go this time.

One note, they do have a little engraving on them of the brand. It’s like a little rabbit. It kinda looks like a blemish at first. Mine are engraved in the base of the glass. Some people might not like that, as it tends to catch the eye.

I received these as present: very good for everyday but for very fine tasting, they don’t come anywhere near Riedel Ouverture Red/White. The price is correct though…

Honestly, these are the best wine glasses I’ve ever owned. Hands down. They don’t seem to mind the dishwasher, and have an all around good weight and feel to them. Great sound when struck, too. You can’t beat them for the price.

(And Woot is good about replacing ones that break in shipment, should that come up.)

Thank you for the thoughtful response! My cabinet is full of non-wine glasses, so I need some. Just vacillating on which brand/type to buy since some of my regular stuff will have to go.


I bought one red, one white set at launch. For the price, they’re pretty nice.

Many people had issues receiving them in one piece, though all of mine were unbroken. They’re now sending them with fragile stickers on the box. I also heard some reports of breaking in the dishwasher so I’ve kept to handwashing.

One of my glasses came with some light scratches on it but not enough for anyone to really notice.

I wouldn’t consider these to be top-of-the-line, but they’re definitely more than sufficient and better than the million rolled-rim glass ones I have.

As someone who started drinking boxed wine out of a sippy cup I can say this made me feel like less of an alcoholic. They’re truly a great set and great quality for the money, I bought 12 red wine last time and gifted 8 to my mom for her birthday, My only regret was not buying any white. Now I am in for 12 more white and will probably gift 4 to mom for X-Mas

Edit: Put me in the camp that had all 12 arrive with no problems :3

These are great! I lucked out and had no problems when they arrived, and I’ve enjoyed them since I got them! Definitely a great buy if you’re in the market for good wine glasses.

I bought both the red & white last time. Or should I say the very first home woot. I liked them both. They are nice for everday and I like the fact that they are mote breske resistant then many others I have owned. Notice the past tense…Haha hopefully I will not be saying that about these anytime soon.hth! On a side note I did have failed wolfman puck wine glasses that also had an etching. At first it may look like a flaw, but I think many designers have this on their stemware.

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in for 2 a red and a white set

hurray my first wine.woot

may there be many more with me turning 21 in a month

I am currently drinking a glass of red out of an old see-through glass coffee mug. Ima go ahead and get some. I hate the rolled-rims. Gonna get these and toss the one I have that is rolled.

Ummmm…Damn you auto correct. But you get the gist of my post I am sure. Lol lol :smiley:

Looks like these glasses might be Wootoff home wreckers.

Pun pun pun!

ummm, you are on home.woot :slight_smile: wine.woot is over there ----->

As someone who occasionally drinks both red and white wine but does not have the cupboard space for multiple sets, which is “better”?

In other words, is it more offensive to snobs to drink red out of a white glass or white out of a red glass?

I bought three sets at the launch, a red and two whites. All arrived intact.

I’m not trying to provoke a fight, but I’m curious about the importance of the glasses in the wine experience.

If the geometry is about the same, and there is at least a satisfying ‘ting’ after the toast, is there an important difference?

Admittedly, I tend to opt for a glass of table red in a 0.375l french jelly jar. I’m comforted by the peasant style, and the simple presentation.

Am I a lost cause?

Best way to relive the home.woot launch by buying the first item in the first home.woot woot-off!


i just saw something wine related and assumed

on that note i am putting down the bottle for tonight