Metrokane Rabbit Tool Kit Velvet Black, Metallic White or Bronze

These are actually really handy. Formerly worked in a winery and we used these. When put up to tasting room use (anywhere from 5-10 bottles per day- yes it was a small winery) - they do wear out but replacement parts were avail and probably still are. These make nice Christmas gifts for winey folk.

Over $50 for them on amazon.

3.5 to 4 star average (each color gets its own reviews)

Metrokane products are solid and the Rabbit is an easy-to-use wine opener although it is a bit bulky. I keep mine in a drawer with a rubber band around it to keep the “ears” closed.

Hoping to see a decanter offering before gift week is over…

I love my various lever corkscrews (both Metrokane and non-Metrokane) - they’re quick, easy, and efficient. I’ve also given several as gifts to people who claim that they’re junk, because those folks didn’t bother to read the instructions. Summary: if you use these correctly, they’re great; if you use them incorrectly, they don’t work at all.

In for zero this time, because I still have plenty at home from past Woots.

I was struggling to get a stubborn cork out of a bottle using my waiter’s corkscrew. Finally I gave up and used my rabbit corkscrew and the cork came out no problem. And I think I paid about $50 for it a few years ago.

No wine today? Sigh. And it’s not even Thursday!

Metrokane Rabbit Tool Kit Velvet Black, Metallic White or Bronze
$29.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Metrokane Rabbit Tool Kit
COLOR: Velvet Black, Metallic White, Bronze

Product website (corkscrew only; six-piece set not available)

Previous offers (for seven-piece set):

The aerator disapparated!

I didn’t think that was possible within the confines of Hogwoots.


Does this thing work with screw tops? I only buy wine in bottles with a screw top – or in a box.

Gift week!

Alright, I’ll ask. What is gift week?

I always seem to have trouble with the rabbit tools after I use them for about a year. I’m on my third one right now and I’m not a heavy wine drinker. They eventually start to get very tough to pull the cork out, as the internal gears start to break down. I have one of the major branded ones, but not sure if it’s this exact brand.

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.

I may be having a horrible day, but does anyone ever get really pissed off when someone makes a comment and expects you to know the answer and its details when the question you ask calls for a specific answer due to lack of prior knowledge of said subject?

During gift week there are two daily offerings on… the first is up at 12:00AM (CST) and the second is up at 12:00PM (CST). You missed out on the aerator for the time being.

Hope this helps.

I love this corkscrew. I paid much more and even at that twice the price I do not regret the purchase. Highly recommended.

Love mine, gifted several to other family members over the years. This one has the bottle plug and pourer… previously (going from memory) the sets weren’t as fancy as i recall.

Either way mine is going strong and just makes uncorking sooo easy!
good price too!

Any trouble I’ve had with mine along those lines has been alleviated by changing out the Teflon-coated corkscrew for a new one, which if not included in the set, can be purchased. After a while, the Teflon coating wears off and makes it difficult to penetrate the cork. Also, using this on the plastic corks is not recommended as I recall.

I love mine, I just don’t need another.