Metrokane Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe - (Your Choice: Red or Turquoise)
$29.99 $50.00 40% off List Price


Purchased an earlier model of this (without the colorful grip) and we really like it.
Functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Rabbit wine … yum

Sorry Woot, I buy often but this item is going for $16 at Chefscatalog + tax, free shipping over $45. Only difference is black neck band. In for 5, thank you for the great gift idea!

I see many reviews out there that there has been a defective bunch of these. The ice chamber is too large for the glass and many people have broken the glass as they tried to put it together the first time. From what I read, these people also were told by Metrokane that that issue wasn’t covered by their warranty.

I’d like to get a few of these as gifts but I’m wonder if it is something Woot would stand behind.

Interesting and helpful. Generally, when I see those types of comments and go ahead and buy anyway, they have almost always proven to just reflect incompetent people (which there are a lot of).

Link needed:

Mixed reviews on Amazon - terrible reviews in 2012 about a wrong fit and the carafe easily breaking. Several more recent reviews appears more positive:

I bought mine from Macy’s earlier this year and LOVE it. It’s nice for gatherings where you’re offering different wines and want them all set out. Or just for yourself sitting on the couch.

Thanks for the assist! BTW, remember that buying with most credit cards you get breakage, warranty and other protections making it difficult to be left without reimbursement if you really do not feel satisfied.

For those of you who have one of these, when the ice melts in the chamber does any water spill out when you pour your wine? Or, do you have to take the chamber out to prevent this? I only ask as I had something similar to this product and the experience was a pain in the carafe.

I so badly want to get this. It looks so much fun! It caught my fancy, screw the negative remarks;)
BUT I almost exclusively drink red wine that is meant to be at only very slightly lower than room temp. Boo.
On the other hand, I saved thirty dollars! LOL

I’ve not had any issues with water spilling out. Mine has a rubber stopper… or ‘lid’ on the top of the chamber that has a really good seal to it.

At 16 bucks i would be in for 3!

I have not had that problem at all. “Pain in the carafe”, LOL!

You could use it with cold water instead of freezing it. That would keep it just slightly chilled.

Interesting idea! Thanks.