Metrokane Red Rabbit 7 Piece Tool Kit

Metrokane Red Rabbit 7 Piece Tool Kit
$29.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Rabbit Wine Tool Kit 7 Piece Set

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And in other news …

***** Wine.Woot Party *****

Do you want to hang around a Winemaker all day in Napa/Sonoma?

Do you want to learn from him/her how to be a Wine Judge? And maybe be one?

If so, keep February 20th, 2011 (Sunday) open! As well as your eyes!

Coming sometime soon before the New Year, Wine.Woot will have a special Wine offer from that winemaker. And like Willy Wonka, Wine.Woot will have special Golden Tickets in a few of those shipments.

Those Golden Tickets will get you in for free to the all-day Wine.Woot Party with the Winemaker, as well as an opportunity to be a Wine Judge with him/her.

And …. There can be only one …. Wine Judge that is! One of the Golden Ticket winners will become a Wine Judge for a Day with our winemaker.

Those without Golden Tickets will be allowed to purchase the old, boring type of entry ticket to get in to the party to watch the Golden Ones.

1st Hint: Winemaker from Napa/Sonoma

More hints and details to follow in the days/weeks to come.

P.S. And one more reason to go to Dark & Delicious next year!!!

Why do you have to be making fun of South Dakotans in the description? I’m from there and I DO NOT have a beer gut. I have a WINE GUT! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was really, really tempted by this … but it wasn’t in blue. :tongue:

The Wax Wacker might be nice to try, but don’t need to buy a 4th rabbit (my original silver, the Woot Red one from last year, & the Woot Blue from this past week).

And since I have the Orka Wine Thermometer, the IR thermometers (2 styles), don’t need the one included here.

But the Champagne Sealer is well worth it!!

So WD, how long will this cellar for? :tongue:

Oh, and I believe this is compatible with Macs and Windows. :wink:

Reviews at Amazon

HowTo video

Nope…never open a bottle of Champagne you can’t finish. :wink:

Warning: Don’t use with Charles Shaw, you’ll strip the coating off the screw.
Instead, either buy some decent wine or get a cheap corkscrew and a couple more cases of $2 Chuck!

True, but some of us go even further into wine oblivion than that and can’t stand to have the bottle oxidizing and fizzing away in the fridge while we’re drinking our way through it. I use mine all the time!

Oh, and in for one, first wootage in a long time…

Yea!!! A JenMonkey sighting!!! Welcome back! :happy:

I guess all the Woot! Monkeys on the Woot-Off were calling to you? :tongue:

Now if what’s-her-name ever comes back from Japan …

Wax whacker?! really!?

Call me old school, but all you need is a corkscrew and a foil cutter (if you are in a rush).

Probably not just Chuck, but any plastic “cork”.

Or Screw Caps. :tongue:

Anyone know what the condition means?
Refurbished? New? Certified-preowned by elves?

Some of them (the recent Shadow Canyon Pinot Blanc for example) have really thick wax capsules. Too big for most, if not all, foil cutters.

It should be new condition. Most refurbs are electronic items needing repair.

Although with the red color, it could have been elf-driven.

I love my woot rabbit, I picked up the blue one last time it was offered. I’m definitely going with one or two of these as gifts, every wine lover should have one.

I have the red one from last time it was offered, or maybe it was the time before last. Anyway, my g/f used it to open a bottle of wine a while back. She came in with a glass and proceeded to tell me how the bottle had no cork under the foil and that it was really kind of hard to cut the foil. I thought this to be quite suspicious and proceeded to smell the wine to see if it really was wine any more or if it was something else due to a weird oversight in the bottling process resulting in it only being foil sealed and not corked. The wine seemed alright, tasted and smelled pretty good actually, and so i gave her a funny look as i went back to finishing up my work for the evening.

A short time later I proceeded to the kitchen to further investigate this mystery bottle. I came to find that she had cut the top off of a metal screwcap with the foil cutter. We both got a good laugh as I pointed this out by twisting off the remaining “ring” of a bottle cap. She then commented on how nice and sharp that foil cutter must have been to cut through that cap. “Must have been”, i thought as i realized i am probably going to have a hard time cuting foil with it now… LOL

Hmm, no balsamic yet :frowning: I am losing hope.

Don’t they switch items mid day? I WILL NOT GIVE UP HOPE.