Metrokane Red Rabbit 7 Piece Tool Kit

Metrokane Red Rabbit 7 Piece Tool Kit
$29.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Rabbit Wine Tool Kit 7 Piece Set

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I have a rabbit. I enjoy it on a regular basis.

I basically love this post

Bought this during Gift Week pre-holidays. Works great, i kept one and gave one as a gift.

I don’t use all the contents, but the opener is FAST and works well. the next best thing is the foil cutter.

Guests are impressed by it and we can drink more wine faster than before :slight_smile:

I drink wine about 2-3 times a week. I currently own just a basic wine opener with a manual twist operation gear system.

Would this greatly enhance my wine experience? I’m interested, but from looking at the contents, I don’t think I’d use all of the pieces in this kit.

I went ahead and bought this for my dad, he quit drinking about 3 months ago, I am hoping this will help him start up again! :wink:

Actually I just needed a set like this to get for him for awhile, so I was happy to see this pop up.

in for 2. 1 for me and 1 for my dad.

Anyone know how this one compares to the “Bunny” corkscrew that was on the regular earlier?

If it’s significantly better, I might get this one and gift away the other one.

I have a rabbit also, LOVE it!

I’m like you - I open typically 1 bottle a week, plus the occasional couple of bottles when guests come over. I bought a Rabbit the last time it was on Woot, because my old waiter’s friend had just broken. I really only use the opener and the foil cutter, but even so, it’s made a world of difference. Makes opening a bottle of wine as easy as opening a can of soda. Three seconds, a couple of easy, quick motions, and the bottle is open. As long as the thing lasts a good five years, it’s well worth the $35 in my book.

Hmmm Rabbit stew :happy:

A real wino like myself would not be caught using anything but a nice wine key.

This is my third Rabbit (lost one, wore out another) but I’m not happy with it. It has a much lighter “plastic” feel to it than previous models and I actually managed to crack (but not break) the lever when attempting to open a particularly stubborn bottle.

I’m seriously considering splurging on the Screwpull - a few friends have them and they’re built like the proverbial tank. I don’t expect my current Red Rabbit to last more than a few more months.

In for two.

One for me, one for my SO. I’m not letting her break mine.

arrScott, I’m easily persuaded, but in this case, I hope the outcomes are good. Thanks for recommending!


Hurrah! Just broke our Rabbit look-alike gimme corporate-banded wine opener, and was planning to buy one at the store. Woot just saved me a trip :slight_smile: