Metrokane Red Rabbit 7 Piece Tool Kit

Ho hum

Please WOOT…pitted olives. I ran out and need at least 3. TY

Comments from December wooting. Same price.

Today’s pricing info, for posterity:
Metrokane Red Rabbit 7 Piece Tool Kit
$29.99 + $5 shipping
Gifting: Available
Condition: New
Product: 1 Rabbit Wine Tool Kit 7 Piece Set

Unless they got a new shipment, I’d be a little leery of the olives coming back up. I ended up throwing what was left of mine, purchased in the original offer last summer, out a couple weeks ago (only about a third of the canister was left), as they’d gone extremely mushy and had a bit of an unpleasant metallic taste. No biggie - things go bad - but I really wouldn’t want to buy a whole new kilo (or three) that are already that old.

I love the olives. Ordered them many times.

Fair enough! :slight_smile:

For those that have never used one of these rabbit corkscrews I have to say they are great. Makes it very easy to pull corks. Very easy. Also, the foil cutter comes in handy. Can’t speak to the rest of the stuff in this kit, but I highly recommend the corkscrew and foil cutter.

I had a similar version of the red rabbit, but it was built really poorly. Very fragile. This one hopefully holds up better.

Great price for a great product!

Anyone received shipping advice yet??? Anyone?

Mine has not shipped yet. What’s the deal, Woot?