Metrokane Six Piece Houdini Wine Tool & Stand

Metrokane Six Piece Houdini Wine Tool & Stand
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Condition: New
Product: 1 Metrokane Six Piece Houdini Wine Tool & Stand
Red Houdini Tool Stand,
Silver Houdini Tool Stand

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Amazon prices: $32.57 for the silver and $38.03 for the red (price subject to change)

Well, this shouldn’t be controversial.

The sealer works really well for Champagne and Sparkling Wine.

That’s a good looking set. It’d make an excellent wedding gift with a nice bottle of wine to accompany it.

I have this wine opener and it is amazing. I received it as a wedding gift and thought it was a nice “novelty” gift… It is more than that. Open a bottle of wine is extremely easy. My wife can do it without worrying about spilling a drop on the carpet.

it looks like through the website it retails for $40…pretty good deal for me.

looking to get one for a friend, what do you guys think???

To be fair, that’s the silver one. The red one is currently $38.03.

If this has been tested for 20,000 cork pulls, then why the spare spiral? Does the spiral screw wear out easily? If so, how easy are they to find to replace?

Now if only we knew someone getting married who was worthy of it … nope. No one we can think of … :tongue:

Because I understand sometimes they break when someone (Kyle) doesn’t use it properly (Kyle).

Haven’t had to replace any I’ve had, but I think my sister and BiL had to replace one.

So that you can get 40,000 cork pulls out of it?

Certainly I’m not the Kyle you’re speaking of!

The spiral has a non-stick coating that will eventually wear thin and make it difficult to use. Replacements are available on the web.

I have used a wine opener similar to this (but not this brand) for a couple of years now. It’s easy and fast to use, but my first one broke in such a way that the extra corkscrew was not helpful - the plastic bit that controls the corkscrew came apart.

I bought my second one at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $19 and picked up another at a yard sale for $5. If you need/want the accessories (I highly recommend the foil cutter), this is a great deal.

I own at least one of every piece of this set, and it’s all good stuff. Some individual notes:

  • Houdini Lever Rabbit style Corkscrew: Wouldn’t live without it (you know, sometimes you need a drink QUICK, without the hassle of a regular corkscrew)

  • Foil Cutter: Great, though depending on the neck, doesn’t work well on some bottles. Also, they do seem to dull after a while.

  • Pourer/Stopper: Nice for presentation, but don’t use it that often.

  • Wine/Champagne Sealer: Works great for wine, beer, champagne, and soda! I have a bunch of these.

  • Spare Spiral: Haven’t used mine yet, guess I need to drink more to wear out the first one. (serious note, my brother-in-law sez he wore out one, and it didn’t nearly last 10,000 bottles…)

  • Tool Stand: OK, I lied. I don’t have one of these. But I do have a portable wine rack that stores a sealer and a cutter. Handy.

I surely hope you’re correct.

I disagree!