Metrokane Six Piece Houdini Wine Tool & Stand Woot Info Post just for 1337sauce highschoolers

Metrokane Six Piece Houdini Wine Tool & Stand [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Metrokane Six Piece Houdini Wine Tool & Stand

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So far it’s been a “lets dump our leftovers” wootoff.


You expected otherwise for the second wootoff in a week?

The wine key they offered last night was a classic double hinged pull-tap style, easier to use, and takes up less space than this one.

Tested for 20,000 cork pulls!

Looks like I have some work to do!


Any tips for the wine key? I had a bit of difficulty with mine (which I got during a prior woot-off)and it nicked the neck of my bottle.

Needs to have the the Woot! logo on it. Then I would be in for one.

This is a great deal - sells for $39.99 elsewhere. I have a Houdini - love it!

Is it made out of plastic or metal?

To be honest, I didn’t know. Before this week I’d only seen one other woot off and it was excellent. So I didn’t know what to expect. And, hey, I was expecting some entertainment while I’m at work! Work gets boring after a while, especially on a Friday.

I mean, there were those 80 bottles of Müller-Thurgau around 5am to be enjoyed by the early birds. So it’s hardly all been crap. It’s just required… speed.

Spring Cleaning!

Who needs a corkscrew when you can open a bottle using the sabrage technique.

I bought my wife one of these for Xmas, because she has trouble with a traditional waiter’s key. It works as advertised, However, I prefer the classic waiter’s key. But hey, I put myself through college waiting tables, so go figure!

Practice, is the main thing. Go spend 15 or 20 bucks on some 2 buck chuck to practice on, and you can pawn it off at a party as sangria if you mix it with Aranciata, which is also available at TJ’s!

here’s my tips:

  1. Use some force when starting the worm to force it down the center of the cork. This was the most difficult part for me when I first got the table waiting gig.
  2. Make sure the worm goes down far enough. This can be tricky because some bottles have longer corks than others, but if you chipped your bottle, you either didn’t have the worm in deep enough or you didn’t have enough of the lever on the lip of the bottle which leads me to…
  3. Make sure your lever is securely on the lip of the bottle. I use my left thumb to brace it while my left fingers are holding the neck firmly. I use my right thumb above my left, between the lip of the bottle and the worm, and my right fingers on the other side of the worm to lift the cork out. Southpaws feel free to reverse!

Did I mention practice?

Thanks, man! I’m just going to keep at it, because I really do like the set I got from Woot. And with all the wines I’ve been drinking lately, practice is not difficult for me :slight_smile:

LOL you can only use sabrage on a pressurized bottle like Champagne silly :slight_smile:

Houdinis are awesome.

I am feeling some wine coming up next. Usually they sandwich in this gristle between wine offerings

wine please! :slight_smile: