Metrokane VIP Edition Leather-Bound Rabbit Corkscrew

Metrokane VIP Edition Leather-Bound Rabbit Corkscrew
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Condition: New
Product: 1 Metrokane VIP Edition Leather-Bound Rabbit Corkscrew

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In for two, seems like a great deal. One for me, one for a gift.

$85 at Amazon…only a couple of reviews, one of which the person threw it away…

My only issue with these type of openers is that I find the corkscrew to be too long and it ends up puncturing through the bottom of cork dropping bits of it in to the wine.

After owning one of this style opener I would never buy any other style. It is so easy and efficient.

I don’t understand. Do these open wine better/faster than a regular $5 corkscrew? Less chance of a damaged cork? Or is it mostly cool factor?

I’ve always admired (as a design engineer) the wonderful design of the latching/guide/corkscrew mechanism that allows the same motion to be used to twist in the corkscrew and subsequently straight pull the cork.

Be prepared to spend a few minutes experimenting with the way this device works as Metrokane includes no worthwhile instructions. However, there are guide videos online that will help ease the learning process…

A friend of mine has the plastic version… even though my budget cannot afford it, I would love to have this VIP version in hand before inviting them over for the next dinner party!

I’ve had a (plastic and cheaper, but wholly functional) rabbit for a while, but my dad, who’s a much bigger wine snob and has a much more sophisticated palette than me, is still using an old hand twist type. Sounds like a christmas present to me!

When it comes to ease and efficiency, I don’t believe you can do better than the classic corkscrews by Screwpull:

In my experience, all of these lever style corkscrews are prone to breakage because the mechanism is overly-complicated for the simple task of removing a cork. The screwpull mechanism is simple, reliable, and (in my opinion) cooler than the lever mechanism.

I’m not snobish enough to need one. My wing style corkscrew is just fine and so is my plastic Pampered Chef cork screw though it’s not as good on synthetic corks.

There is a reason you never ever see these used by professionals. Really not necessary, buy a good waiter’s corkscrew and be set for life. I have been gifted 3 different gadget corkscrews, I hate them all, too bulky, clumsy, and expensive.

I’ve owned 5 of these type of corkscrews in my life. Yes, 5. Including a Rabbit branded one.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1)They make opening a bottle of wine so much easier that I was compelled to keep buying them.

2)I had to keep buying them because they all break. All of 'em. $15 to $50.

The best thing about buying one of these things is that they almost always come with a great foil cutter. Not sure if that is worth the money, though!

We drink a lot of wine around our house.

We have a knock off brand of this type. I didn’t pay over 10 bucks for it about 4 years ago and it is still going strong. I finally changed the actual screw part about a year ago because it was getting dull. Who in the heck would pay this much for this one? seems ridiculous considering how cheap they can be had.

Yea, verily, wigginx. Screwpull is best of class.

I gave my brother one of these screw-type and it broke after a short time.

I then gave him one of these Woot! toolkits from last year and he loves it!

He actually prefers the simpler tool and its portability. Maybe Woot will have these again this year. If they do, be sure to snatch some up.

I have a “Rabbit-type” corkscrew (I think from William-Sonoma) that works well and has held up for the past 4-5 years. Would love to see the w.w toolkit again this year, for portability AND the brag factor.

I have the non-chrome version of this, and have had it for at least 5 years. I don’t use it as heavily as some of you drunks, er, I mean enthusiasts, I haven’t had any problems at all. I love it. I’m thinking about getting this version as a gift.

I have similar products to this one and while they are effective, they are absolutely not necessary.

My personal opinion is that simple bottle openers are far more “romantic”.

If you are having a christmas party in which you personally will be opening 10bottles+, then yeah, this is both necessary and practical.

Otherwise, buy a good ol’ waiter cork opener, and as previously said, be set for life.

And while this price is cheaper than in other places, I feel as if it does not represent the usual savings found on Woot. This is simply a good product at a decently lowered price, yet, in my opinion, is not a “woot!” product/price.

Ugh, worst wine woot ever. Everyone I’ve known who has had one of these wears them out. The fun part about them wearing out, is that when it finally decides to stop working it pushes the cork INTO the bottle, thus making a wine shower. This happened to me with a bottle of red. My poor maintenance guy practically had to repaint my whole kitchen. Word to the wise, treat your maintenance guy very well! He was the nicest guy and took pity on me since I lived alone and clearly do not know how to repaint a kitchen :slight_smile: