Metropolis Wall Mount Mailbox SS

I thought at first that it was a men’s room paper towel dispenser.

I can see that.

And I thought it was one of those trash cans set in the wall for women’s “sanitary” products, which I suppose says something about our respective genders.

Yep, I can see that too. LOL.

OK, sanitation comments aside, I bought this style from Woot about a year ago, in a hammered bronze finish, and it’s been a great mailbox for us. The flap at the top keeps rain out of the mailbox and it has been out there in all kinds of weather, yet there is no signs of corrosion or other damage that weather could cause. My only negatives to this box, and it’s possible that these later models have corrected it, is that the door material is a bit thin, so it is possible for someone to pry/bend the door and get at the mail inside. The latch is not the most secure, high quality mechanism, either. It uses a generic mailbox key that probably could be easily duplicated, but also, the latch has tended to come loose and turn around so that the “locked” position of the key becomes the “open” position. Tightening it up again fixes it until the next time my son accidentally over torques it while opening the box.

What are the dimensions of the mailbox?

I bought this same mailbox from home depot two years ago for under $40… and woot has it for $80 Really!!