Metz Road Chardonnay (6)

Metz Road Chardonnay 6-Pack
Sold by: Scheid Family Wines
$69.99 $204.00 66% off List Price
2012 Metz Road Chardonnay, Monterey Estate

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What is the percent malo-lactic fermentation?

Any comments from Wooters who took advantage of the 11/15 offer? Tempted…just need someone to push me off the fence.

Matt Kettmann gave it a 92 at, saying that it was:

rpstrong, your Wine Enthusiast link not working, at least for me, so thought I’d put up another:

Does not ship to Ohio. Hey, are you going to make it to the Scott Harvey dinner this year? It’s on Friday, April 15.

HERE is the discussion thread.

Doh! Didn’t work for me either - thanks for the correction.

I’m weak. In.