Meyer Family Cellars Syrah Magnum

Meyer Family Cellars Syrah Magnum
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PRODUCT: 1 2005 Meyer Family Cellars Syrah Magnum, 1.5 liter
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Dang it! I was faster buying their Port.

Meyer Family Port 500ml - 2 Pack
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Woot’s Meyer Port offer

Meyer Family Cellars Syrah Magnum
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Course it was because it was a Magnum, and I hesitated considering a 2nd … but then decided Nah, one would be enough.

I enjoyed their port, and Syrah is one of my favorite varietals. Not #1 of course. :wink:

So how long can I cellar this? (I know, I know … like I ever open any!)

I’m in.

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Found tasting notes from Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine in 09.

If it were a pair of 750’s I would be all over It but since I’m the only red wine drinker in my family buying a magnum makes little sense. Wallet remains safe once again.

Magnums are great for parties. Or don’t you like to share? :wink:

And really? Babbles??? “MarkDaSpark babbles a bit about his trigger finger” :wah:


Do you have any idea how many verbs I go through in a week? It ain’t easy, ya know!

Is this a ‘drink now’ kind of bottle or will it benefit from some more age? MD shipping = Tempt me more!:smiley:

So start verbing the noun

As posted above, if this wasn’t a magnum, I would consider it. We loved the Meyer Family Port.

Mmmm looks, yummy, decent reviews. In for two.

I am strongly considering if only to bring good Karma for more Meyer Family Port. BUT, would really like to know the drinking window. Hard to determine if this is a good QPR, as the 06 magnums run $48…

I love large format bottles, but I think I need to pass… drinking window might push me.

Couple of questions:

“Barrel Age: 20 months, 35% new Quercus Alba (American oak), 5% new Quercus Sessiliflora and Quercus Robur (French oak), 60% neutral oak”

What is neutral oak? I don’t recall seeing this term before. Is it just something between new and old oak (used once or twice or something)? Or this just oak from Switzerland instead of US/France?

Also, total acid of 6.8g/L. Is it just me or does this seem a little high? Maybe I’m just not used to seeing this stat (or not presented this way) but that one stood out to me.

Neutral oak means that is has been used enough times that it imparts negligible to no oak flavors into the wine. And the acid is on the high side of normal, but not high.:slight_smile:

For reference, I believe Meeker acidifies to .75, so this at .68 would be, as Kyles said, nicely acidic, but not too high.

“[W]hile aging will help soften its edges, time cannot make up for its lack of center.”

I find it disturbing that I actually understand this review.

I see the link to the CT price search of $40 + a premium and cannot convince myself that this is even a minimum deal – disregarding the reviews. Easy pass for me and I would like a few magnums in my cellar.

Having returned my second birthday party of the day (we have three children under the age of six) I now have a moment to answer a couple questions about our wine. Better late than never.

It seems like the main question is how long can this wine cellar. I actually have trouble pinpointing this myself. We recently opened a vertical of our Syrahs going from 2002-2009. From 2002-2006 we slowly started sourcing more fruit from the cool Yorkville Highlands appellation that we are in, the first of those vintages having no Yorkville and the last being 95%. So 2005 was the last Mendocino wine that we made and much like Mendocino draws from a mixed climate. Specifically 40% of the fruit came from the hot side (talmage) and 60% came from the cool side (yorkville). That being said 2005 was the coolest vintage we have had for over a decade so even the hot side was relatively cool.

When it comes to a hot versus cool year I always think back to 85/86. In 85 the critics went nuts over the vintage and rightly so the wines were awesome, but by the 20th year most of those wines had fallen over. The 86 on the other hand was canned for being closed due to the cool weather, but 25 years weather so many of those wines looked incredible.

Now I’m not going to sit here and compare the 2005 to 86, but the cooler year had me hoping that this would be the first of our wines to really go the distance. However in the lineup, I have to say it did not jump out at me. I’m still very proud of this wine, and it is drinking very well at the moment, but if I had one bottle I would drink it now and not forget about it in my cellar for another ten years. I of course will continue to monitor its progress. Our 2003 went through a flat stage a year or two ago, and out of all of our wines it is my favorite to drink at the moment just bursting with flavor (no we don’t have enough of that to do a woot). I hope the 2005 will go through something similar, at this point it is hard to say.