Meyer Family Port 500ml - 2 Pack

Meyer Family Port 500ml - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 Meyer Family Port 500ml
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mmmmm … Port.

As in any Port in a storm … or any other time!

Edit: Woot!

Meyer Family Port 500ml - 2 Pack
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“I have often thought that the aim of port is to give you a good and durable hangover, so that during the next day you should be reminded of the splendid occasion the night before.” – George Mikes

“I only drink fortified wines during bad weather. Snowstorm, hurricane, tornado–I’m not particular, as long as it’s bad. After all, any storm for a Port.” – Paul S. Winalski

This would have been a great offering to have received the golden rat ticket. :frowning:

mmm I love port, wish I had the money for this.

Any idea if this is Ruby or Tawny?

Tawny? Ruby?

Is this stuff actually any good? I’ve seen it up on InVino a couple times, but it’s always struck me as a bit sketchy. Waiting for Rat reports!

What is Port Wine? Is it sweet? Rich? Is it thin like water or thick like a milk or somewhere in between?

Neither, since it is made from Old Vine Zin.

Should be sweet and dark.

Port is a dessert wine, sweeter than dry reds with higher alcohol content, and also more full bodied.

Here’s a link:

I ordered a case of Pellegrini last Thursday and it still hasn’t shipped, I’m starting to go crazy because it’s been more than five days.

Is Zinfandel a traditional grape for ‘Port’?

Just an FYI, legit Oporto from Portugal must be labeled as ‘Oporto.’ The older vintage stuff is killer, and the LBV is good too on a lower budget.

So how many vintages is this from if the average barrel time is 5 years?

Is this the California equivalent of an 8-year Tawny Port?

Okay back to my sour beer. :slight_smile:

PortWine wiki and ZinPort listings.

Zin ports tend to be sweeter than normal ports, and IMO in between the water and milk. Thicker than a normal port.

So more of an after-dinner dessert wine.

Wine Spectator has a rating for a web only 2008 release:

Port California NV

Score: 84

Release Price: $35/500ml

Country: California

Region: Other California

Issue: Web Only - 2008

Direct berry jam, spice, cocoa butter and nut notes have a dried mushroom edge, with a sweet-tasting finish. Drink now. 5,800 cases made. –MW

Is this capable of aging for any significant amount of time?

Why do they bother calling this Port instead of desert wine?

$50 almost buys a 750ml vintage port…

Oh it takes a while. Be patient - it always arrives. Always worth the wait for Wine Woots.

Summer shipping. safe, slow.