Meyer Family Port 500ml - 2 Pack

Meyer Family Port 500ml - 2 Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 Meyer Family Port 500ml
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why does this one have no MD shipping??? grrrrrrrr!

Has anybody opened this from the last offering who can vouch for its quality?

I was planning on popping one open with a nice cigar for my birthday on Sunday, but that’s obviously going to be too late to buy more of it at this price.

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I bought one (that is, 2x500ml) in the last offering and we opened a bottle just last week. Instantly I regretted only having gone for one set. It’s beautifully smooth, really a balanced taste. SO, SO excited to see this in the woot-off - can you tell?

I didn’t buy last time, but I did by last fall when I was up in their tasting room. I can’t offer notes, but I am a huge Port guy and when I tasted this, it was an instant buy for me. Not overly alcoholy and not too sweet. This is a killer deal compared to what my friends and I paid per bottle there too.

Just buy and split one with a friend if you’re concerned.

I was just coming to say pretty much exactly this – in for three after opening a bottle from the last offering. I don’t know anything about port, but this is delicious.

Very good juice, very good deal.


Is this a Zinfandel port?

Could really use a big tub of olives during this woot off. MMMMM olives.

How long will this last in the bottle after opening? I have the inert gas, if that will help. I doubt I will want to consume 500ml in just a few days.

That’s what YOU think. :whistle:

The winemaker covered this in the last offering. I don’t recall the details, but IIRC it was fine for a few weeks after opening.

Would really like to get a big tub of olives during this wootoff. MMMMMM olives.

Looks like:

seems to be the release 8 above.
Not much to go on here however…

The overwhelmingly positive comments here made me impulse buy one. These woot offs are a scourge to my budget.

Now if only I hadn’t gotten 2 sets last time … :tongue:

With all of the positive comments I am in for one. Hope that it is as good as the Prager ports that I have bought in the past!

I am a newcomer to wine, but I just went to a big wine tasting event thing at a vineyard in my area and found out I loooooved the ports. Would like to buy this, but I don’t have any way of guaranteeing someone will be here to accept it… sigh.

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