Mia's Kitchen Balsamic of Modena (2)

Mia’s Kitchen Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 2-Pack
$16.99 $34.99 51% off List Price
Mia’s Kitchen Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 12.7 oz Bottle 2-Pack


Anyone have any experience with this brand?

Also offered on Amazon with a couple of reviews for a couple bucks more when you figure in shipping.


[MOD: That’s one bottle. Ours is a 2-pack.]

Meh, this stuff is “OK”, but it’s no Botte Piccola/Cavedoni (the other balsamic they occasionally sell here)

Reading that they add corn starch in their reduction is enough to make me shy away from all products.

hmmmmm - I tend to agree. either this stuff is super thin to start with or they don’t reduce it far enough to be thick on it’s own which means they need to add the corn starch. bummer

But this deal isn’t for the reduction…

In fairness, I don’t think anyone’s claiming this one approaches the Cavedoni. Which cost $40 here for 1/3 the amount of product.

I think that one is $20 (incl. shipping) for just one bottle. (Maybe I read too fast though.)

We buy the balsamic from the Oilerie at Curt’s spice company, fish creek, WI. It is $22 for the same size bottle but it is superb.

I just buy local and get Lucini aged balsamic.

Love that stuff!!! (The 25 yr balsamic)

The raspberry (or cherry or blackberry) balsamic sauce is really good too! I need to make a trip up to Door County. It’s been a few years since I’ve made it up there. Good thing the Oilerie delivers. :wink: