Miami Vice: The Complete Series Box Set

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Miami Vice: The Complete Series Box Set
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 NBC Universal Miami Vice: The Complete Series Box Set (5 Seasons/111 Episodes on 27 DVDs)

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Who’s Miami Vice

Does this also come with a pair of socks?

unbutton your shirts and wear your shoes with no socks: it’s the MIAMI VICE BOX SET, SWEET!!!

it’s $129.95 straight from NBC

Good price for quality mustaches.

And a mullet?

$123 on Amazon

Book 'em, Danno…

Oooooppppssss…wrong show, wrong city…

But you have to wear a pastel tshirt while you watch it.

Gawd… I remember watching this in both High School and on FX ages ago. Does it have the original music, or was some of the music substituted due to rights issues?

It’s time to put on a sport coat and roll up your sleeves!

No widescreen :frowning:

Does this box set come with a Ferrari Daytona and/or Testarossa???

This was a fantastic series. A real 80s classic that defined cool cop shows. I wish I hadn’t already bought mine for about triple this price!!!


I’d chastise woot for carrying something that absolutely no one wants… but actually lets face it… there are enough lame people in this country that this will sell like hot cakes.

Great deal. In for one. Will sell it to my coworker if I change my mind by the time it arrives. Thanks, Woot!

Amazon has had it as low as $56 according to CamelCamelCamel.

You will get to see the difference from the Dodge with elaborate bodywork, to when Ferrari decided that they could donate a car in the name of all that is right. Somewhere between the first and third season, the car becomes real.

Does buying this put more money in the pocket of Mark Zucker? I’m protesting Mark Zucker’s decision to get rid of Conan, and that means I’m not watching or supporting NBC Universal in anyway.