Miami Vice: The Complete Series Box Set

So what is the average age of wooter that stays up to do this?

No beautiful ocean condo?


I’m tappin’ out. Good luck, true believers.

fuhq, i waited an hour for 80’s dvds!?

Woot there it is!!! Finally a Woot Woot!

They hate us…

i stayed up for this? …'night, guys.


beyond crap

Miami Vice #1 new show

Betamax or VHS ?

Currently $137.99 at Amazon…

Crockett and Tubbs! They’re floatin’!

SCORE! I bought this for my dad for father’s day . . . pretty much secured my spot as #1 favorite kid for a while . . .

ITS THE ILLUSIVE THREE DAY WOOTOFF! watch it frollick in its natural habitat.

Miami Weiss #1 new show…

Not bad, 137.99 on amazon


woot the farfignoogen !!?!?11
are you guys farfignoogen with us?

Seriously? Ughhh this woot off sucks