Micargi Bikes

Can I please get some clarification on these sizes. According to what I found a 53cm bike is equivalent to a 16 inch bike which by the looks of the picture I cannot believe. Also can you tell me what the weight limit is because I can find that anywhere. Thanks

I have been sized multiple times for bikes. At 6’5" a 63cm is recommended. Usually the larger frame bikes have large weight capacities as well.

The 53cm is the frame size, not the wheel size. The wheels are 700C.

Isnt that fairly small? I am 6 foot 2 and 310 pounds

A 53 cm bike refers to the frame size and is best suited for people who are 5’6" to 5’10"

I hope this helps!

53cm would be a hair big for me. I’m 5’6" with a 29" inseam. I like a 52cm for most manufacturers.

I raced street bikes for 12 years and I’m 6’1" and I rode a 53cm. Keep in mind that bikes are adjustable so to say that you belong on a certain size is not always true, it depends on how you want to be positioned on the bike, what kind of shape your in as well as the body type you have. a 53CM will easily fit someone from 5’8" to 6’2" These fixies are great bikes I have two and will be purchasing another great for training, I don’t own this brand but looks like a good bike and the price is killer. Safe rides my friends.

FYI: Bike sizing is a tricky business. Kids bikes are measured by “wheel size”, while adult bikes are measured by frame size. Here’s a sizing chart that might be helpful:


If you have time, stop by a local bike shop for a free “fitting”. They will have you sit, stand over, reach, etc. on different frame sizes, seats, crank length, and handle bar position(s) to find what is most comfortable for your build.

This will make bike shopping much easier as well as save your back, neck and knees from discomfort :slight_smile:

Sizing is not usually a simple formula of height translating to size. Standover is less important than reach.

I’m a 5’6" woman and a bike that fits me might not be comfortable for a guy of the same height. If I were to buy one of these, I’d go for the smaller 48cm as I usually ride a 49cm. A guy the same height might be more comfortable on the 53, because a guy (generally) would have a longer torso. You can also buy longer or shorter stems to move the bars out or bring them closer.

If this is your first internet purchased bike, resign yourself to either learning how to wrench or taking it to a shop for a once over and a potential tune up before riding.

Wow, I can’t imagine that was particularly comfortable! Most general guideline sizers put someone in the 6’1" range on a 58cm or 60cm frame. Yes, parts are adjustable, but that’s a huge jump. Do you have a super long torso with short legs or something? I’m genuinely curious.

edit you said ‘street bike’ do you mean BMX style, cause I don’t know anything about those, maybe it is different. In a road bike style though, man, 53cm is really small for someone of your height.

Would definitely by if they had one in 60cm. I am 6’2" and these are just too small for me…

I’m seeing multiple sites for the RD-818 showing a retail price of $370, not $549. Where is Woot getting their retail pricing from?

Also, has anyone found more details on the size of the frames (ie top tube length, seat stay, stem, etc.)?

Gears??? What kind of detailed?

How many speeds, detailed make?

The ones that say “fixie” are fixed gear. Only one gear.

As far as “speed,” that’s all relative my friend.

I found a pretty good chart. I don’t have any idear of it’s accuracy, but go ahead, take a shot.

Seems legit.

I don’t know where you got that from, 53cm is just short of 21"

Someone, somewhere is paying $600 for these bikes?? Thanks for the laugh, Woot.

Also - I see the RD-818 comes with “flip-flop”, so you’ll have that goin’ for ya.

Okay, why was this post tagged for probation? Just because he thinks the bikes aren’t a good deal?