Micargi Bikes

I don’t know anything about this bike, but that is world class wordplay. “a Micargi in fractions”.

Do these bikes come assembled?

“Some assembly required”

Are these bikes all one-speed? is that a thing now? I thought everyone who made bikes just added more and more speeds. like, 10 wasnt enough so they went to 16, then 20-something.

I’m thinking of getting a bike… I havent owned one in a while. So as an older person who is re-entering the bike riding world, should I get something with more than one speed?

I looked at about half of them and they all said single-speed.

A single speed wouldn’t be my recommendation for that case, but there could be a couple pros.

They are simple, and a bike set to single speed requires no shifting (the ‘flip flop hub’ in the description indicates the gearing can also be ‘fixed’, which means the pedals move direct with the wheels, so there is no coasting, the pedals move anytime the bike does. Single speed allows coasting).

However, it means you’ll have no alternate gears if you encounter hills, which seems unpleasant for someone who may want gearing to make up for a lack of strength, for example.

Since you’ll still want to clean and lube the gearing, I’d say you may as well seek out something with gears.

I’m feeling a little frustrated by the listings for several of the bikes. They brag about being available in two sizes, except when you try to check the larger size, that option is grayed out, unavailable. What a bummer! My legs are as long as my 6’4" tall husband, even though I’m only 5’8". I also missed the fact that the bikes only have one speed. Not as useful for most people. Guess that’s why it’s such a good deal. Dang!

Just a little insight on these bikes I was a professional road biker for 13 years and we always road fixies to keep our legs and body in the best shape. I don’t own this particular brand but have google them and they have great reviews. The great thing about a fixie is the true work out and ride you get compared to all the new bikes coming out with so many gears that at times it really hinders your exercise. I enjoy riding mine around town because its easy and it gives you a nice complete work out but not over kill. The bikes look great and so do the prices, wow if I didn’t already own a pair I would be on this deal. Be safe and ride on.

626 and 269 models don’t list the “flip flop” hub, and may be only fixed gear, as equipped.

i don’t see flip flop written anywhere. I’m concerned about getting at rue fixie where there is no free spin on the wheel.
Anyone know more about this?

Someone mentioned seeing flip flp written but I didn’t see it.


ahhh - replied below too soon - Thanks fishpicguy

Micargi Prestigio-48-RED/50 48cm Bike - Red

Cog: Flip-flop, 16 tooth fixed & free wheel

That’s the only one I checked out. I’m not sure if you’re looking for flip-flop or excluding flip-flop.

Not sure why these bikes are advertised at retail for $599 when everywhere else they cost $279 assembled. You can get this at your local kmart. Thanks but no thanks

You should skip this bike completely if you want your re-entry to cycling to be pleasant.
Think of this bike as a fashion statement, like shoes can be a fashion statement. These bikes are like high heeled shoes. Women may wear such shoes to a special occasion, but they would (hopefully) never go on a hike in shoes of that ilk.

As someone else said, the only way this bike would work for you is if you plan to ride it somewhere where there are absolutely no hills. Think where you live is flat? You will discover that is likely not the case the first time you head out on this bike. But there is more, look at the profile: Notice how the saddle and the handlebars are more or less even with each other. You will be stretched out and leaning down to reach the bars. That is fine if you are racing, or you are a 20 year old (flexible) hipster, but it this is a highly uncomfortable riding position.

I think it is great for you (and anyone else) to return to cycling, and the exercise and it might bring you. Just don’t do it in a bike like this. You will ride it twice, and then the bike remain unused in your garage or shed for the remainder of its existence on this planet.

These are single speeds not fixies right?

Difference I think is that a fixie your legs are always moving, single speed just means less gears / good for 0 hill enviroment.

Our buyer says:

Does that answer your question?

I don’t think they are any comparison to high heels as a fashion statement. As bikeoz said the fixie is great for training and simplicity. And the ride doesn’t have to be flat, as my normal ride includes some slight hills. And just for getting downtown I get there faster than my road bike as I am forced to keep a faster pace(spin).

If there are hills, you need gears. If you live in Delaware or anywhere as flat as people think Kansas is (it has no mountains, but it ain’t all flat) you need gears. Just 7 or 8 will do as long as the range of gears in back is wide.

Enjoy getting back on a bike, I DID!
My 9 yo is enjoying a wooted bike.

For someone re-entering the biking world, I would shy away from this, for multiple reasons.

  1. Single speed. Unless you live somewhere really, really flat, you will have issues.

  2. Sizing and fit. Get thee to a regular bike shop (NOT Walmart) and get something sized to you.

It says 48cm or 53cm. That means exactly squat. There is no common ‘48cm from Point A to Point B’ among manufacturers.

You don’t have to spend a lot, but getting the wrong bike is almost worse than getting no bike.

These single speed (or fixee) things are a fashion statement, unless you really know what you’re doing with them.