Miccus & Avantree Bluetooth Devices

On Avantree’s website it lists the Jogger Pro forj 49.99 and the Sacool for 39.99 which would make Woots prices cheaper but not only by half as much as advertised.

The buyer says thank you for pointing it out. It will be updated momentarily.

Ok, so if I want to 'cast to a bluetooth speaker, all I do is plug this thing into my amp’s headphone jack and pair it with my speakers?

Anyone own one of these? Does it play loud enough to be heard in a shower? I ask because I bought a cheaper one and its really low in volume.

Just a word to the wise… MICCUS Bluetooth Transmitters DO NOT work with most Samsung Droids. They blame it on Samsung and some coding they do to their devices.

Not worth it even at the discount. The speaker is of poor sound quality, you can much better at this price point in the national electronics chain. The bluetooth receiver is also of similar poor quality. Don’t even bother with the $39.99 version with the mic the sound is horrible to others with a lot of feedback.