Miccus Bluetooth Transmitter or Receiver



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I’ve had one of these transmitter/receivers for over a year now. I have primarily used it as a transmitter to run the sound from my television out to Bluetooth speakers on my patio. I works very well for me. I’ve used it with several different sets of speakers and it usually connects easily. The range is pretty good although I’ve rarely had the receiver more than 30 ft away from the transmitter. The only real quirk is sometimes the on/off switch gets confused and you have to press it several times (or occasionally pull the USB power) to turn off the unit. Overall I’ve been pleased with this T/R.


No mention of AptX Live/Low Latency so I guess these are suitable for general applications but not for musicians.


Very, very high latency. For just playing music from one my tablet to the home stereo, it’s great, and it syncs to any Bluetooth device I’ve tried. But a single audio source sent to one of these where you want two rooms to be in sync, there is more than a half second delay. Standing in between the two zones gives you a “nice” stadium effect. For sure, not good for live music.


Do you think this transmitter would work with the Amazon Echo pushing music further into a small home?