Michael David Petite Sirah Trio

Michael David Petite Sirah Trio
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2007 Petite Petit – $18+ & 85 pt median in CT.
1 2007 Windmill Petite Sirah – New wine to CT.
1 2005 Earthquake Petite Sirah – $23+ & 87 points in CT.

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Methinks this is the deal Loweeel has been talking about?!?!

I wonder if he is pumped for this…considering these are easily found in wine stores…hmm.

Based on the CellarTracker prices, it’s pretty close to buy 2, get 1 free.

Have had the Petite Pettit before and loved it. Massive fruit bomb (and that’s not a bad thing). IL taxes make it a $20+ bottle on it’s own. In for 3 with great pleasure

Are we left to assume the 2007 “Petite Petit” is 100% Petite Sirah considering there is no varital breakdown in the stats?

To the winemaker why do you like adding a little of Bordeaux varitals to the other belends?

Given that at least one of these is available readily in stores, maybe the vinyard could add a little something special for those in with 3??? Just a thought…even a signed bottle would be very cool.

Well, okay, if you say so. But the reviews are pretty pedestrian. I look forward to the wines on here that you don’t see everyday. Or from small producers.

From the winery website

“A boastful blend of 85% Petite Sirah and 15% Petit Verdot.”

I guess that’s where the name came from…

The theme of each type of wine is pretty interesting. And also the labels.

what is the significance, if any, of the different bottle shapes?

Wine Spectator lists 2 of 3:
Petite Sirah Lodi Earthquake 2005
Score: 86 (very good)
Release Price: $28
Issue: Web Only - 2008
Spicy, smoky, cedary, aromatic, toasty oak nuances dominate, with ripe plum notes, firm tannins and good intensity. Drink now. 9,000 cases made. –MW

Petite Petit Lodi 2007
Score: 86 (very good)
Release Price: $18
Issue: Nov 15, 2009
Extremely spicy aromatics, clove, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon. Mingled with the smooth and tasty juicy cherry and berry flavors, this takes on a more cedary edge. An interesting and fun interpretation. Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot. Drink now. 18,000 cases made. –MW

Oh, me too. I actually went over to deals for entertainment, and they have a much more fun choice over in the Sponsored Deals panel. How about six red wines from five countries? I think it’s from “My Wines Direct”.


What’s funny is that they don’t ship to WA. First time I’ve seen that.

I was able to try the Petite Petite, and the Earthquake at the winery a few months ago. I didn’t take notes, but I do recall that these were two of my favorite wines from my trip to Lodi. The Earthquake is very aptly named because it is a big wine! The Petite Petite felt positively light after trying the Earthquake.
The Petite Petite also has petite verdot in it I believe. It was a medium bodied wine but packed full of flavor. And for what it is worth, the judges at the California State Fair gave it a double gold medal and voted it Best Of Lodi.

I’m in for this one. Just starting to discover the Lodi, so an all Petite Sirah offering from the region has my attention. I’ve had a couple of Zin’s from the Lodi over the past year that were really nice. This is the kind of offering I like to see from wine.woot!

These sound OK for what they are, fruity and oaky. But yeah, I see this brand at Cost Plus, if not all 3 of these wines specifically. They’ll probably still sell a bunch on price.

Two Q’s:

  1. Are the tannins face smashing in all these wines, or are they tamed a bit?

  2. For the 2007’s, did the great vintage give you the nice TAs and pHs, or was some acid adjustment required?

I must have drunk too much wine. I was sure I’d posted something here. Now I don’t have a clue what it might have been though. I do like the bottle art. If the wine making art is as good as the bottle art these should be good. :slight_smile: