Michael Jackson Bobblehead

You never know when you’re gonna need a mj bobble head. As a prank gift as a collection piece or a stocking filler

Got one in my last Bag of Crap and can confirm that these are as craptastic as advertised :slight_smile:

Me too.

FINALLY, no more buying Bags’O Crap just in the hopes to find a MJ Bobblehead. Now I can just buy Bags’O Crap in the hopes of getting plain ole awesome yet sometimes disappointing miscellaneous Crap - lol :).

Welcome to the family MJ. You already have a spot dusted and ready for you on my shelf :).

looks like a gay pilgrim

Ok, come clean, who ordered the mj bobbleheads in bulk?

Congratulations user margo5626 on being the last wooter to woot. It is you we can thank for causing the long awaited Micheal Jackson bobblehead sellout.

Wooters everywhere are rejoicing at this grand event and you deserve all the credit.