Michael Kors Handbags

I think the wrong picture is shown for the white Jet Set purse. The picture shown for that title is a Hamilton, not a Jet Set. Also, if there is indeed a white Jet Set available, should the price be the same as that of the Hamilton or should it be changed to match the other Jet Set colors?

Also Hamilton is misspelled in the title for the white Hamilton.

Thanks for the comment, I’ll get things fixed up.

Thanks for catching that! Image and pricing have been updated.

Darnit, Woot. The one (1) time I pay full stinkin’ price for a handbag (after waiting 6 months for a price drop to no avail) and here you are, selling it, at pennies on the dollar, no less. And I usually hate MKs.
For the guys out there thinking of getting one for their lady friends or relatives for Christmas, don’t hesitate. Myself, I got the East/West Hamilton in natural (brown) leather, but you might do better with the North/South (or pictured here in brown as the ‘large tote Hamilton’.
The only thing I regret is not having an outside slip, but I love it anyways. That, an it’s (maybe not-so?) deliberate attempt at being one of so many designer attempts at a Hermès Birkin.

Are these the real mk handbags?

W000T doesn’t sell knock offs.

at 6th dec, i have bought that

Jet Set Travel Medium black, paid $215.99+$5 shipping charge.

now,today, $205.99…

can i claim for compensation ?

Just for grins, I clicked to see how many had sold. Can’t believe how many say ‘sold out!’ It is just insane that ANYONE would pay this much for a purse. If you can afford frivolous stuff like this, then please send me money to get dental implants, so that I can eat.

Links are not working. I cant add anything to my cart or cant see the images. Is the sale sold out?
None of the links on the site are working.

[QUOTE=dgros83, post:6, topic:403950]
Are these the real mk handbags?[

Yes. Are they authentic money?



Don’t guilt people for being successful. There’s no shame in achievement.

There is shame in selfishness and materialism. Being born with a silver spoon or stumbling into “fame” is not an achievement.

Wow, GENUINE PVC! Not that cheap imitation PVC, but GENUINE PVC!

Cool, speaking of PVC just helped me to remember to make sure the sprinklers are all working.

I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth. Everything I have, I worked for. Sorry you were lazy and unmotivated.

Slowest shipping I have ever seen on Woot!

So did anyone else get a notice today that they are not getting this purse, after getting a confirmation, etc? Just want to check and see if I’m the only one.

And I’m sorry for the person that needs a dental implant. :frowning:

JPmessanger, not everyone that needs a dental implant and can’t afford one is lazy. There is currently a war on the middle class and it’s increasingly difficult to find a job that pays better than minimum wage. My daughter works 4 jobs…I was getting this for her for Christmas.

Yep, I received an email today that they couldn’t get my purse. This is after I received a confirmation and they already charged my credit card. 6 days before christmas. What a joke. But hey, I’ll get a $5 credit on my next order. Wow!