Michael Tompsett Art

Can I confirm something (at the very strong risk of outing myself as an art noob):

The numbering in the size options are in inches right? (dang ol US and their hate of anything imperial except units)

Heh. Yes, they are in inches.

Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

Also, are these mounted on a wood frame? Or “gallery wrapped” as is often stated? That doesn’t seem to be clear, other than the fact that there is a shadow in the one pic.

All the ones I peeked at say the following in the features:

Product Type: Gallery-wrapped canvas

Further help:

I Can’t See Israel Dammit!!

These looked good at first, until I thought I could do better. I did better in five minutes.

What has he actually MADE other than terrible outlines of a map he probably didnt even draw himself, and color in with photoshop?

What a bunch of overpriced garbage.

Would be glad to see what you did. If it’s so good, maybe I’ll buy yours instead.

I am so sad I missed this. My history/geography teacher wife really would have loved one.