Michael Tompsett Canvas Art

where can I get a bigger size of these…anyone know???

Googling his name pulls up lots of places. Amazon has 30x47 for just under 100.

anyone know if these need to be mounted or can these be hung as is?

I searched for these and other sites say that they are ready to hang so I would assume that all mounting hardware is already attached.

I wanted to order the “rock” one earlier but was hesitant. I guess I’m too late now.

I’ve always wanted an antique design map, but all these designs are very awesome. What would you recommended for someone’s first map?

I’d say your best best is this one.

me too… sigh

Hmmm, every other site has them starting at 24x16 but woot has them all at 24x18? Woot mistake or are they woot “special”???

I don’t know what we will do with the subway map, but I cannot not buy it.

I was enjoying the US Cities Text Map until I noticed “Boise City” about where Boise, ID should be. How many other imaginary cities are listed in that map do you suppose?

Actually, there is a Boise City, but it is in OK, not ID.

Gotta love living in a rural state like Montana. There is room for all the significant towns even mine. Cut Bank, population 3,500.

East Timor and South Sudan aren’t included in this print. Having doubts… They fought long and hard for their independence and then for Mr. Tompsett to just ignore them???

Because the artist depicts the cities relative to their size, I think there wasn’t room for the other two large cities of Nampa and Meridian. So he apparently used the metro area name collectively called Boise City. This is much similar to saying you are going to Los Angeles when you may actually mean one of it’s numerous suburbs. For example, the artist only showed 5 cites around LA and even ignored Hollywood.

Hollywood isn’t a city. It’s a district of Los Angeles.

I would KILL for some artistic versions of Fuller’s Dymaxion Projection of the world map.

Well, someone needs to get to work on that subway system. The map’s completely inaccurate! I need my world wide subway system!

Same here. One of the few times I have regretted procrastination.