Michael Tompsett Canvas Art

Kmart has the “rock” version for $52.



How can something ‘made to order’ sell out? Seems strange to me.

Some artists like to make limited runs. It’s like the time a place in europe made too much money, and the value of the dollar dropped. It was pretty much worthless since there were so much out there.

Made to order isn’t a limited run. You can also buy this in limitless quantity online. And your analogy makes no sense, if the Eurozone printed (made) more Euros, it would cause the price of Euro to drop, this making the dollar more valuable in comparison since they are both floating currencies.

There’s still the materials to be considered. If they only have enough to make, say 10 maps, they can only make 10.

Did anyone else get the wrong canvas in the mail? I had ordered the subway map, but got the US city map instead.

I’m sorry to hear that you received the wrong canvas in your order.
Please email into Woot Member Services at suppport@woot.com and let them know this has occurred. They will be more than happy to help resolve this issue.

Umm I ordered the US cities map and got the subway map…

Woot, you should set up a switch or something. Have us send them to you and then send us the correct ones…

Ugh, sorry. As noted above, email support@woot.com so they can make things right.

Received my music notes world map today. Perfect size for where I wanted to put it! It looks awesome too!

Darn, still says awaiting shipping on my music notes canvas art…

It’s waiting for me at home, thanks guys