Michel-Schlumberger 2007 La Brume Chardonnay - 3 Pack

Michel-Schlumberger 2007 La Brume Chardonnay - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
3 Michel-Schlumberger 2007 La Brume Chardonnay
CT link above

Winery website


WTH? Thursdays are supposed to be gourmet items days.

Curveball thrown, yo.

Here’s the wine on the winery’s website:

Winery’s website

Doesn’t seem to have a price listed for it however, I’ll have to keep looking

It shows $25 per bottle on the web site.

oh man, i’m not much of a white drinker but the cellar tracker reviews make me want to go in on this

If I’m going to melt mt liver with poisonous, albeit delicious, alcohol–I’d prefer not to drink Chardonnay, so I’m passing on this one…

Just the standard request for the malolactic fermentation, if any.

this is the only winery i’ve ever been a member of the wine club for. i visited the winery on my honeymoon and was hooked. haven’t had a single bottle of their wine in years though (ironically since i’ve been divorced, now that i think about it - unrelated, just funny). i think i’m going to have to go in for that simple fact. they make good juice.

Yeah, median of 89 with 5+ tasting notes always gets my trigger finger cocked and ready…

Maybe it’ll come with a replacement husband :slight_smile:

Gotta make an exception for World Chardonnay Day!

sure hope not - i’m a dude. :slight_smile:

Hey, we’re open here. :wink:

What? Wine on a Thursday and Mudman being amusing? WHAT IS UP WITH THE WORLD TODAY?

Hi Mike! How long can we cellar these? I assume they’re drinking great right now, will they last another year or two?

Not really a white drinker but definitely interested. I had their 2001 reserve cab back when I was trying the whole wine thing for the first time and they had me hooked, so there’s some sentimental value there.

To give him credit, mudman has been funny before, on more than one occasion.

Not sure, but when I read “patient, elegant grapefruit, apple, flint, orange blossom, ginger and pear flavors” the wine blurb reminded me of good French white (well, pretty yellow) that I remember drinking growing up. Which one I’m not sure, Sancerre probably, but mmmmm!

Got any stats for this? pH and TA would help, Brix would be a bonus and % alcohol is only polite.

I have never had a Chardonnay from this winery, but I have had their Cabs, and I’m a big fan of those!! This one might be hard to resist…