Micro Bullet RC Helicopter

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Micro Bullet RC Helicopter
$8.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Ecoman EC10156 Micro Bullet RC Helicopter

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New Micro Bullet RC Helicopter, for $8.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Ecoman EC10156 Micro Bullet RC Helicopter

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Micro Bullet RC Helicopter
$8.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Ecoman EC10156 Micro Bullet RC Helicopter

If only my cats wouldn’t eat it, this would be sweet.

Been waiting for one of these, in for One!

Also saw my name as the coveted “Last wooter to woot”. Yay for printscreen

Got the 2 pack for 19.99 couple months ago.
First one broke after 3 flights, second one broke after 2 days.
Woot does not take these back.
You must return them to the manufacturer and pay $10 each for replacements.
Don’t buy.

I like cheap toys :slight_smile: In for one!!

I bought one of these before on woot and was disappointed! You really get what you pay for. Its pretty much a mess to fly. You have no control other than up and down. Sometimes not even that.

In for 3… great gift for the nephews… and one for me!

My kids bought 2 of these exact same helicopters for $20 each this summer at the fair - They flew great - for about 5 minutes. 2-3 crashes and the rotors bent and were completely unusable. Glad I got in on the sansa though, those were a gonga.

Junk, got one last time and tossed it the same week. power last about 2 min and it’s almost impossible to control.

What’s the control on these? Do you have to crash these things ten times before you get the hang of it? And by that time they are so busted up you have to have bought two or three and just know that the first one you use is your test chopper and then others are for real use.

FYI the colors are not for fun… they are tied to the 3 different RF freq. they operate on. Two yellow = less than optimal results. Good for 1, better for 2 or 3 if they don’t send you the same colors or they are not going to the same home… fun toys though while they last.

That controller looks like it’d be fun to make fly.

wow, is anyone happy with these?

these are the worst products woot has to offer

poorly manufactured, they break easily…pure garbage

Bought three of these last Christmas for my teenage sons. None could get any control over them and all were crashed and broken before the day was up.

These aren’t built well, if you understand that this is merely a “throw away” stocking gift kind of thing…might be worth your while.

Untrue, I bought 6 last time and I have a blue that is channel “A” and blue that is channel “C” Just barely got them out to fly them.

One does OK, the other spins too much, but even that one is fun to hold at an angle and dive bomb stuff. Each controller lets you choose A, B, or C, so you can leave the batteries in one and switch depending on which heli you are flying.

Or you can mod one with a DC jack and plug it in the wall for charging instead of using batteries.