Micro Innovations 125 Key Multimedia Keyboard

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Micro Innovations 125 Key Multimedia Keyboard
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Do. Not. Want.


Seriously, are they saving anything to put in the Burnt Orange Chrysler?

Someone came to my garage sale

i wouldn’t but it with free shipping!

can you hook this up to the PS3?

I’ll stick with my Unicomp Spacesaver, thank you very much.

L-shaped enter keys are for losers

One and Done

125 keys!






Over 124 keys!

Holy crap.

Can anyone actually buy anything? Every time I’ve clicked on the “I Want One” button today, it just refreshes the page.

At walmart for only $8.84 - http://www.walmart.com/ip/Micro-Innovations-125-Key-Internet-Multimedia-Keyboard/12571585

will this work with the ipod touch that is listed on sellout.woot.com?

If so, I’m in for three.

wired !not!

I switched to Safari (from FireFox) and it works better… but not by much.

WOW…sold 43 in 2 minutes

Woot is busy busy making good $$$ today :slight_smile: … 43 keyboards in 2mins :-o congrats lol

I purchased one without thinking, any ideas if they work with tablets?