Micro Intelli RC UFO

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Micro Intelli RC UFO [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

1 * World Trading Intelli RC UFO

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Micro Intelli RC UFO
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 World Trading Intelli RC UFO

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What the heck is that.

Best. Post. Ever.

What’s the boggy old creature everyone keeps making reference to?

Awesome. You should get one.



paid 19.99 for 2 during christmas. My son loved it - Of course he flew one right into the christmas tree and the lights - So we were down one - I am in for 3 - Love these for boys

The first thing I said to myself, is wtf?! A flying Army helmet?

If we say it’s true name then it will never come. Check out Wikipedia entry for Woot and then look for something with the initials B.O.C.

All will be answered.

Edit: WOW, when I use the initials boc it makes up words for it. I didn’t know this until now.

it’s the ever elusive-server-crashing-always-wanted baggie that has random items in it…and it’s hidden somewhere in all of these other woot-off items

“charger requires 8 AA batteries” - !!! FFS what a great idea!! Who ever heard of electricity!

I don’t believe you.

It’s a mystery bag. boggy old creature is what happens when the forum bad-word filter gets ahold of (analogy for ‘sack of junk’).

Also, in for one so I can tease the cats. >:D

I LOVE their claim that it’s a UFO when clearly it looks more like a painted mushroom from Mario Bros. with wings (blades?) attached. Perhaps their proximity to Roswell gives them some sort of insider information…?

Can you only control its altitude or can you also control its movement in other directions?

Does this thing actually, you know, steer? Looks like it just goes up and down.

I think there might a connection to mushrooms… :wink:

ohhhh the random bag of CRAP! HAHA yeah, I want 3 of them. How long do woot-offs usually last?