Micro Intelli RC UFO

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Micro Intelli RC UFO [New] - $6.99 + $5 shipping

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Anybody know how the far away the remote control works?



I got one of these in a BoC. It’s a lot of fun, but the controls take some time to get used to. It’s also surprisingly durable since I’ve crashed it into walls/ceilings multiple times, haha.

Best price on woot yet! Got these before Christmas for 9.99 and used them as stocking stuffers. Everyone loved them.

This looks like it is controlled with infrared, not radio (RC). You’ll need to make sure your remote is pointed in the general direction of the craft or it won’t control, just like your TV remote.

Also, good luck trying to control it in full sun…



on a scale of one to one thousand of how awesome this is, it’s like a 673

It appears that all it does is go up and down.

So… it basically goes up, or down, no?

edit: hip hip hooray hooray for redundant redundancy!

These are great! My son (16yrs old) received one for Christmas.
It is great for the older kids, as they are kind of delicate, with small parts if torn apart. He plays with it in the house, and it flies quite well for a tiny thing. Lights up like a little UFO.
Stock up on them now for gifts!

That is correct, you can’t steer it at all. The range is quite short–it will go up about a dozen feet over your head but then will come back down when it hits the end of its range.

My ten-year-old loves his! It is easy to fly and charges quickly and it surprisingly durable. A steal at this price.

There was an article on engadget a couple of weeks ago about a project (at MIT maybe?) using thousands of things like these as pixels for a hovering display.

Got one the last time around. Broken in less than 2 days. Which was a shame because of how fun it was. Also the controller I got came with dead corroded batteries. Not a huge deal because they are standard button batteries but will cost you more than the toy.

Verdict: I’m passing this time around.

Sellout.woot! has sold out for science! By lowering the cost, they’ve made homemade Flyfire displays, pioneered by the geniuses at MIT, accessible to the public at large.

Thanks Woot!

Yea, it’s fairly amusing that these are the props they used for the non-computer generated part of their video.

Wait a second. It has a rechargeable battery. Good. The charger REQUIRES 8 “AA” BATTERIES?!? Wha?

Here’s a link to that article: http://www.engadget.com/2010/02/19/mits-flyfire-paints-images-in-the-sky-using-micro-helicopters/

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