Micro Remote Control Helicopter



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product(s): 1 Mini Remote Control Helicopter
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$9.99 + $5 shipping


Are these any good ?


I have purchased similar toys and they do not fly well at all…the best you get is up and down… good luck turning…

my 2 cents


Any idea who makes these?


This looks EXACTLY like my Air Hogs RC Helicopter, even the remote looks identical, just without a logo. So, they may be the same or a copy. Nice deal though if it works the same, my cats just love/hate it.

I agree with others, you cannot fly them around like on the commericals, they go up and down only and around, everytime the battery is recharged, the trim seems to reset, so getting it to not spin is very hard and making it go forward and backward seems only to work if you throw it while spinning.




I got a very similar one on a “Two for Tuesday”. These copters rock!


Got my Bag of Crap from the Christmas Woot and one of these mini RC copters was in it. I tried it out and they are very difficult to fly. Takes practice and a lot of crashing.


First Sucker!

Cant go wrong giving these for gifts!


I got a similar one from woot before Christmas as a two pack. One of the helicopters didn’t work at all (the tail rotor didn’t spin). The other worked quite well for $10 after I got the trim right. My son and I had lots of fun for several days.


I have two of these…

They’re fun to fly indoors but you really can’t control the turning even though there is a left/right trigger. The up/down is fully controllable. It charges in about 10 min. and the flies for about 10 min.


I was thinking of buying these for my husband and daughter to use at the park. But, if they are unlikely to fly well outside, then I may buy one better one, than two smaller ones.

I’ll wait to read a few more reviews on here first.


I have one like this, and it’s entertaining. Note, the remote would not charge the copter battery very well with NIMH batteries. I replaced them with alkalines, and it worked a lot better.

It has a bit of a learning curve. At first, you won’t control it at all hardly. Once you get used to it, you can sort of steer. It doesn’t behave in a totally predictable manner.

I tried to put a weight on the nose, but the stabilizer sort of cancels the effect. It doesn’t take much weight for the copter to loose the ability to ascend.


Uhh if you bothered to look at the picture this isn’t the same one they’ve been selling over and over again.


not a bad one… these mini RC things were all the rage at my aunts for xmas… must be clearance time… i like… here’s my useful linkage w/ CSE links… nite nite.


we’ve had a bunch of these in my office, takes about 2 min to get the trim adjusted, stick the included weights on the noce for forward movement (we just stick a tac in the nose) and they are very easy to fly.


Just bought 2. The forum for last time this was on woot sold me on it. Folks who bought them seemed to have a lot of fun.


I don’t have this particular one but generally the micros are hard to control indoors. For outdoor use look for something larger and much more expensive.


in for 3