Micro SD help needed

Hi Wooters

I bought some of the trail cameras and they need micro SD cards. You can use up to a 32 gig.

So I went looking at said cards and my brain is overwhelmed and melting.

Can anyone suggest a decent SD card or wth I should be looking for/what is good vs overkill vs not worth the $.

I will be using these for property security, if that makes any difference

Thank you

SanDisk and Samsung are what I run. Since it’s a trail cam and not a dash cam or other device that will be constantly writing and rewriting, any of their Class 10, UHS-1 or greater will do the job.

If getting it one on Amazon, make sure it’s sold by Amazon (instead of being just fulfilled by Amazon). Fakes exist.


You really can’t go wrong with either SanDisk or Samsung. Those seem to be the two market leaders.

Those are the two big ones. You can find cheaper alternatives, although some people say they’re less reliable.

One thing to watch out for is fakes. When you order online there is a risk of them being knockoffs. It’s pretty easy to test to make sure you got a real one. But just keep in mind… You can go into a store like Best buy but that tends to be 10 or 15 bucks extra then finding the best deal online.

But it helps to buy them from a place where you trust the return policy.

Don’t worry about spending extra money for a higher quality SD card. Any of the recent SanDisk or Samsung’s will be sufficient. You can find some cheaper ones (Walmart/onn). Some people say The card might stop registering 6 months or a year after they get it.

I bought a 200 GB card for my Surface pro 7 from Amazon and everything was fine with it. It was on sale for like 25 bucks or something.

32 gigabyte cards could be anywhere from 8 to 25 bucks. But like I said you’d probably be fine with a regular 32 GB card from either Samsung or SanDisk to get started.

Yeah even if it is sold by Amazon I would still check the card out once you get it. I’ve heard of the occasional mishap Even from a proper retailer. It’s unusual, but still worth just making sure your card can read and write.

But yes that’s still good advice. Avoid third party sellers and test the product. Ideally even try to save something onto it of significant size just to make sure it’s working.

Thank you @Mcorcoran3 and @Narfcake

Can you help me with the testing process?

Agreed. They’re getting better with separating commingled goods, but this is still Amazon we’re talking about.

Run H2testw.


For a dash cam rewriting device what do you suggest?

@Mcorcoran3 for your surface pro what did you look for - I have one that I have not set up yet so I might as well get all the necessary items beforehand - any other things you would suggest?

Ditto what @Narfcake and @Mcorcoran3 said. There are a lot of fakes out there such that I would not trust sellers on eBay or not Amazon as Narfcake shrewdly advised.

I bought this Samsung PRO Endurance 32GB 100MB/s for the temp, shock, and damp resistance for your same purpose sold by Amazon. Now only $9!! Hope this helps you and others too.

At present I do not see equivalent Sandisk Extreme Pro micro sd cards sold directly by Ammy but they are about $6 more expensive.

Dash cams exposed to 140 degrees F may degrade even if the micro sd card survives. They also sometimes attract smash and grab from eeeevil folk.

I’m using a SanDisk Endurance. It outlived the dashcam is was in. :slight_smile:

Awesome - thank you, so much I had not even thought to consider

I bought the limit of 3 for the 3 cameras as I live in the upper Midwest so we have the cold to the hot

Do you have a dash cam preference

Sorry - no expertise. Others I am sure may have more knowledge of this.

I have wanted one that can read license plates with illumination by headlights. While moving. It means high speed write (the above 100mb/sec should be fine), large CMOS (varies greatly), aspheric lens (more expensive). A smaller aperture allows greater depth of field and works well in daylight. Gives sharp focus images. But that strength competes with large aperture to gather enough light at night. Opposite needs that cannot be reconciled.

So it is possible I seek the holy grail perhaps with unrealistic specs. There are some $$$ cameras that will watch your car 360 degrees but if they do not detect glass break and upload to your phone or the cloud that seems vulnerable.

The other thing is that it may be most important to record your blind spots and cars barreling down on your, with the assumption that @Wooter825352529 is a superb stay in his lane driver. I say this because my car was totaled by a sleepy driver and the highway patrolman was blind. Fortunately, BOTH insurance companies could see from angle of impact and paint scrapes that the other diver was 100% at fault.

SanDisk Endurance 32gb. Highly recommend. Can’t go wrong for ~$10. These are great.


Can also go with this if you want to spend a bit more(Endurance Max). Both are great for any Micro SD needs.