MicroCotton 4pc Bath Towel Set-8 Colors

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MicroCotton 4pc Bath Towel Set-8 Colors
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 31 to Tuesday, Apr 01) + transit
Condition: New


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These are GREAT towels! My wife wished they would come in other colors to match our baths. We went in for 3 and are not sorry, match or no match.

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Is anyone else having trouble ordering? I can’t seem to use the “selection” function … I can order anything that doesn’t require me to choose color/size/etc., but can’t select the color or number of sets I want to order … very strange.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems ordering.

What web browser are you using? Are you using a tablet or mobile phone?

Please let us know if you’re still encountering issues.

Could you please label the towel colors! Which of these is Bamboo and which is Linen?

Bamboo is the light (pea) green one, the bottom left in the picture with the rolled stacked towels. I ~believe~ Linen is the very light off-white one. But given the color mix-ups between Linen and Cameo on previous Woots, I cannot say for certain.

Bought the Chocolate in January and am happy with them. No fading, no lint issues, very absorbent and soft. My only issue with these towels is that they could dry faster. 2 towels one one towel rack (so each is folded) leaves them just the teensiest bit damp"ish" the next day. If you are fortunate enough to have ample racks (no, don’t even think about going there…) and can hang separately, these towels would be perfect.
EDIT: in Florida, so humidity levels could be a factor in drying times.

Does anyone know what color the dark blue towels are? I want the ones pictured on the bottom right. Steel is probably gray right?

We bought the one’s called ‘blue’ last time and they are the dark blue. These are good towels for the price. Thick enough to get the job done and light enough to dry over night. We live with forced air heating all winter and a/c most of the summer so humidity is not a problem. YMMV.

The blue towels are definitely blue, although they coordinate with grey quite well. So they are more of a navy or “grey blue” than a royal or greenish blue.

I have them, and am very happy with them. Really good quality; I was especially happy to find that the first time I washed and dried them, they left very little behind in the lint trap. Besides this color, I got the bamboo (green) color, which I am also very happy with.

So, for the folks that seem to be having issues with the colors/names, the overstock link noted above (and included below) has each color labeled in a single photo.

The cameo is an off-white, the linen is a light beige according to that photo.


MODS: Please address this. This overstock link has the opposite colors for cameo and linen that you have here. I think most of these people are using mobile devices and do not see the color names that you can see with the individual woot pictures. I can see them on an ipad or computer (but I do not see on my phone).

I would be so in for three if they were bigger. We need to replace our current towels, but at 54" (4’6"), these are simply not big enough for a 6’2" person.

4 towels! That’s awesome! I wish it comes mix and match since I’d rather have 4 different colors or even 2 of each. Any thought on that?

Bought in Jan and got Linen instead of Cameo. Someone else commented the same thing last time they were up for sale.

Great, highly absorbent towels that we’re very happy with…just don’t count on getting the shown Cameo color.

Bought these towels twice – they are great and true to color. Nice quality - super soft. They stand up in the wash and get softer with each wash.

Just got my towels… ordered Cameo and got Linen. The towels came bagged together with not one, but TWO stickers which are both marked Cameo. Sheesh. After all the posts about what color is called what and there is still a problem.

Is the world going to end? No. Am I going to keep these anyway? Probably. I am usually very happy with my Woot purchases, but sometimes, damn Woot. Really?