MicroCotton 4pc Bath Towel Set-8 Colors

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MicroCotton 4pc Bath Towel Set-8 Colors
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 17 to Tuesday, Feb 18) + transit
Condition: New


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Review from Overstock
Some info on GSM.

Me and a few others received linen instead of cameo during the last sale but a swap wasn’t possible per Woot…tempted to try again. Other than the color we’re pretty happy with these towels.

Yes, beware if you buy these that the name of the color appears on the wrong photo in the description. Last time I tried to order the light brown/tan color which they identify as “Cameo” however I received the off-white color that they identify as the “Linen” color. I was able to have a replacement sent to me, but because I wanted the “Cameo” color what did I receive a second time? The off-white “Linen” color. We’re keeping the towels at this point, just be aware that if you want the light brown/tan color you should order the “Linen”.

Well, poop! Earlier this morning I placed an order for the “Cameo” expecting the light brown/tan color.

Woot! Can we get clarification on the colors in the pictures and if they are labeled correctly? If not, is there a chance to change orders or cancel my current one to reorder the correct color?


[MOD: We’ve confirmed with the vendor and we have the colors labeled correctly.]

I ordered the linen color last fall, and it’s exactly the same color as what is pictured as “cameo” here. Funny enough, the picture in my order history for linen shows the lighter color, and not the darker one.

I was happy it was a darker color when I received it. Complements the sea grass color quite nicely.

I bought these last time, and was a little disappointed that they are so thin. They’re nice though, soft and absorbent and I think they’ll grow on me. I just expected something a little more luxurious.

I have also purchased these, and like other people have said, these towels are fairly thin. However, they are incredibly soft and absorbent, and I have no regrets purchasing them. I’m very tempted to get another set.

Perfect timing! I just happened to need 12 towels…for renters.

The buyer has confirmed with the vendor and we have the colors labeled CORRECTLY. Linen is an off-white color.

Thank you TT!! I would like to rescind my email to customer support then as well. :wink:

I’ll wait to see what I get in a few weeks.

Thanks again.

A number of people are complaining about not getting the right thing. At least they got their orders. I’m still waiting. 35 days and not shipped yet!

Yikes! Let me get CS to look into that for you.

The last towels I bought off woot started to fall apart after one wash.


We are still using them, but the loose threads are all over the towels and we will not get much more use out of them. We have 2 other sets of towels we use, they are not even in constant use. I dont know that buying towels in person would give a better result, quality and durability is hard to judge by appearance.

Just received my towel order and they look great!
However, I ordered “linen” and got “cameo” instead. Funny how this played out because when I went to order the cameo, it was “sold out”; so I ordered the linen instead and look what happened.

I don’t know if you will see this, but we did receive the towels today. I had ordered “Cameo” according to the Woot-labeled pictures. The sticker on the package, clearly says “Cameo”, and they are an off-white color (much like the pictures labeled “Linen”. Definitely not a light tan, as the pictures in the listing show, and definitely not what we wanted.

You may want to speak with with the buyer that confirmed the colors, and kindly punch them in the gut. Thanks.

Any chance there are any light tan towels lying around that we could trade for, to get what we actually ordered?

kicking self for not listening to Woot community

Jeez, sorry. Please send your issue to support@woot.com and be sure to include your order number and user name. Keep us updated on how things turn out!

Thanks manhandsha,
I will be sure to send an email to support@woot.com. I had contacted them though the form on the Support page later in the day after I ordered (after the color issues came to light), but I’m still waiting for them to get back to me. :frowning:

Thanks again!


Why was I shipped the wrong color?