MicroCotton 6-Piece Towel Set - 8 Colors

**Item: **MicroCotton 6-Piece Towel Set - 8 Colors
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New

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I find Micro Cotten to be really absorbent, and soft. Over time, I notice my other towels seem to flatten out and lose their softness, however I’ve been impressed thus far with Micro Cotten.

Love these towels. Love love love them. Soft, absorbent, and look good. The only reason I had to replace my first set is because my cat thought they made a good scratching post.

Can someone clarify the cutesy color names? Is seaglass the light blue color?

Great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at wayfair.com

It’s more a blue-green. But yes

From a couple of weeks ago -


$10 bucks cheaper per set and they were better quality. Granted, there were only 3 colors to choose from.

Sea glass is usually the color of older Coca-Cola bottles.

I mean, I have a set of the sea green towels (well, two actually- but one has been shredded by a recently nascent unexpectedly acquired feline) and they are greener than this picture appears (at least on my browser). It’s close, though.

??? same towels

If you hover over the images in the actual sale, each image will have the corresponding color name in the bottom lower left of the image.

Yes, today’s offer is from the same manufacturer as before that feature a new dobby stripe at the bottom and are offered in some new colors.

We have purchased these towels on several previous Woots for a new vacation home. They are large, soft, dry well and wash/dry fluffy. We have two sets in cameo and three in sea glass. We wound up with three sets of sea glass because we were missing the hand towels in one order. Woot had us send them back only to find the replacement order was also missing the hand towels. Third time they said keep what you have and the supplier will directly send the hand towels. They sent us another complete set of towels. Then we were shopping in either Costco or BJ’s not looking for towels and found the exact same towels branded differently, but identical. You could buy all towels separately so we bought the hand towels and wound up with another full set. The sea glass appear slightly more green than shown, but definitely have blue under tones. Cameo, our other color, reminds me of French vanilla ice cream. Buy them. The towels are nice.

I’ve bought these from Woot in the past. They don’t seem to dry as fast as other towels I own. I’m going to pass this time around.

I would love to see an offer just for towels, like a six pack of just towels. I have hand towels and washcloths in abundance.

The towels sold on May 25th were listed as 600 GSM, while these are listed as 550 GSM. [GSM = grams per square meter, a measure of fabric density.] Yet the dimensions and weights of the May 25th towels and today’s towels are identical. For example, the bath towels in both sales are listed as “Bath Towel: 30” x 54” – 658 grams”. Could someone please confirm the dimensions and weights of today’s towels?

They also make a good scratching post.

So, what exactly is “microcotton?”

All you biology nerds, does anybody know if this stuff in the gossypium family at all?

Or, as with “natural flavor” in food, is micro cotton a slick way of saying “not necessarily cotton?”

I have a 6-piece towel set of these in white and I’ve been pleased. I did pay about $10 less than what these are going for. They are soft, fluffy, and pretty absorbent. My only complaint was that after the first two washings they had a some threads come undone. I trimmed them and so far the issue seems to be resolved. I’d recommend these, but maybe not if they were $50 instead of $40.