MicroCotton 6-Piece Towel Set - 8 Colors

**Item: **MicroCotton 6-Piece Towel Set - 8 Colors
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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6/11/2013 - $39.99 - 26 comment(s)

These don’t appear to be the same towels. The W00t towels have a braided edge, the Wayfair towels don’t. Also, the Wayfair towels have ‘luxury’ in their name, these don’t.

Woot! We need a ALL towel six pack… Hand towels and wash cloths do not do a good job of drying my butt off. Plus hand towels and wash cloths seem to hang around longer than towels - I have colors from my last three sets long after the towels have given up the ghost.

I love these towels. They are by far my favorites of any towels I have ever owned. I’m on my cell phone so that may be why, but I don’t see a picture that shows exactly which one each color is. What color is the green? (Sorry if this is a stupid question I just don’t want to order something I think is green and get tan or blue).

I think the green must be called “Bamboo” because that’s the only color in the drop-down menu that’s not represented on the screen, and the green towel is the only color that is not listed individually on the screen in an image. I hope that helps.

The green is definitely Bamboo. I know this because I’ve bought these off Woot before (these towels are on pretty frequently). I’ve also bought the brown set on a separate occasion. These towels are awesome and I love them.

Here’s a link to the towels that seem to be an exact match…and they happen to be discontinued by Home Source. I’m looking for reviews of this particular model now: http://www.homesourceinternational.com/microcotton-6pc-towel-set-1569#.UeKrMmLvtAJ

It wasn’t a funky used sweat-soaked towel, it was a funky used sweat-soaked Browns Jersey number 75!


Can you get a multi-color set, as pictured in the last picture?

No, sorry. That’s just to show the plots available.

Yes, green is Bamboo. It’s shown on the next page of the photo gallery. Click on the down V to see more photos. The colors are labeled.