MicroCotton 6-Piece Towel Set - 8 Colors

**Item: **MicroCotton 6-Piece Towel Set - 8 Colors
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at wayfair.com

Nearly perfect reviews over at zappos.com

Spent close to an hour at Kohls today feeling all the different towels and I got to say, it got me even more confused on what to buy! Might need to just take the plunge on these and see how it works out.

I’m in for 3, Christmas gifts.

Zappos is a towel maven now? I thought their mainline went on our feet.

I don’t doubt these are fine towels. We’ll pick out our colors in the morning. She’ll kill me if I order the wrong colors. Not really.

Bought these before (albeit for $10 less), and they were a great purchase.

Just like it says, they are extremely soft. However, where soft towels usually have poor absorbency, we’ve been very pleased with these. Using them a lot for the last few months, and they still look great too.

I’m in for another set.

On the subject of colors, the ‘cameo’ is a lot more cream looking than the image shows.

Just wanted to mention that these are NOT the same towels as those being sold and referenced on wayfair and zappos. So the reviews on those sites don’t really mean a whole lot when you are talking about the ones being sold on Woot! today. These towels are differently sized (30" wide vs 27"), have a different GSM (550 vs 600), they are differently designed (wide bottom band vs thin bottom band), and they are different colors.

Just sayin.

We have bought these towels on multiple occasions from Woot in Sea Glass and Cameo. The only difference being the banding on ours are wider. They are fine. They have nice loft and absorbency. The colors are nice too. The pricing is great. You gets new towels and won’t feel bad when they start to self-destruct and need to be disposed of. We also found the exact same towels for sale at Costco…and I mean exact…except for them being sold as I recall under a different brand name. So if you want to see them up-close and personal visit Costco.

These are a gyp - ad says 8 colors but mine came in only one.

Ok, never had micro fiber towels but I really think these feel flimsy and thin. I guess I just prefer my towels thick and fluffy. I need to give them a try, though, and see if they work better than our other ones. Still, they just feel so… Cheap

Something seems out of place for the colors…

Sea Glass

They couldn’t have gone with a name like Navy or Midnight for Blue. Just struck me as funny. Oh and there is no real other name for white.

If these are the same towels Woot has offered in the past, then I will say that while they are not the softest towels I have ever owned, the Chocolate color has not faded AT ALL. I have owned them for many months and they still look new.

these are the microfiber material made into a normal thick and fluffy towel. I got them last time they were on woot and they are still so soft and fluffy.

I bought these a year and a half ago, and was very disappointed. Many snags and threads missed in the weaving process. Seconds, I would say. And no, they aren’t the top line of this maker.